Estate Sale Find – Conspiracy Library

It is a hobby of mine to visit estate sales. Last weekend, I came across a library of conspiracy books. This included five books by David Icke, one book and five DVDs by Alex Jones, two books by Mark Dice, and a slew of others such as by Carroll Quigley, Edward Griffin, and Charlotte Iserbyt. To come across even one or two of those types of books at a sale is unusual, but to come across a collection this extensive is something I’ve never seen before.  There were quite a few books on survival and prepping as well.


Debating the Out of Africa Theory


Erectus Walks Amongst Us, by Richard Fuerle, is a very politically incorrect book and one that opened my eyes. I stumbled upon the book by accident while browsing on Amazon. The author’s thesis is that the Out-of-Africa (OOA) theory is wrong. OOA contends that all humans on earth trace their ancestry to Africa. Africans migrated to Asia about 65,000 years ago. The Africans then became the modern Asians as we know today and they then migrated to Europe to become the modern Europeans, replacing the Neanderthals along the way. According to Wikipedia, the OOA theory is the most widely accepted model of the geographic origin and early migration of anatomically modern humans among paleo-anthropologists.


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