Debating the Out of Africa Theory


Erectus Walks Amongst Us, by Richard Fuerle, is a very politically incorrect book and one that opened my eyes. I stumbled upon the book by accident while browsing on Amazon. The author’s thesis is that the Out-of-Africa (OOA) theory is wrong. OOA contends that all humans on earth trace their ancestry to Africa. Africans migrated to Asia about 65,000 years ago. The Africans then became the modern Asians as we know today and they then migrated to Europe to become the modern Europeans, replacing the Neanderthals along the way. According to Wikipedia, the OOA theory is the most widely accepted model of the geographic origin and early migration of anatomically modern humans among paleo-anthropologists.

Fuerle argues that this OOA migration did not take place. He believes that the three major races (Asians, Europeans, and Africans) originated somewhere in Eurasia. They all trace their ancestry to a bipedal ape, but the Africans are the least developed from that common ancestor. The author’s main reasons that an African migration to Eurasia could not have happened were due to: 1) The ice ages which forced Eurasians southward coinciding with the period that the African migration supposedly took place northward 2) the low levels of intelligence and technological sophistication of the Africans compared to the populations they supposedly replaced 3) the lack of African-specific traits found in human fossils in Eurasia 4) the lack of African-specific traits found in modern-day Asians and Europeans and 5) the large genetic distance between Africans and Eurasians.

I found the book very well written. Fuerle places careful attention to details and provides ample documentations and footnotes. His tone may seem somewhat aggressive and he certainly isn’t shy about expressing his opinions. This book was not written for the mainstream audience, but those who are serious about discovering real revisionist work.

I am always appreciative of encountering material that is not merely a rehashing of what I already know but covers stuff that is totally new to me. This book was the first of a kind I’ve ever read on this subject. I have no background in anthropology or genetics. It really whetted my appetite and I look forward to reading more on this subject. I will discuss more in depth the contents of this book in future posts.

The author, interestingly, was a former patent attorney (I was a former patent examiner) and has written about Austrian economics as well. According to his website, Fuerle has a degree in mathematics, economics, physics, chemistry, and law.

Prices for the book on Amazon started at $200+ the last time I checked. Thankfully the author provides a free copy here:

Alex Drone

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