Estate Sale Find – Conspiracy Library

It is a hobby of mine to visit estate sales. Last weekend, I came across a library of conspiracy books. This included five books by David Icke, one book and five DVDs by Alex Jones, two books by Mark Dice, and a slew of others such as by Carroll Quigley, Edward Griffin, and Charlotte Iserbyt. To come across even one or two of those types of books at a sale is unusual, but to come across a collection this extensive is something I’ve never seen before.  There were quite a few books on survival and prepping as well.

Other unusual sightings were a 9/11 “truther” book and an Austrian school book. Until that sale I had never encountered a 9/11 truther book, although I would not consider Alex Jones one I could take seriously. Austrian economic books rarely show up at estate sales as well. My only other find was last November, when close to a dozen such books surfaced at an estate.

Just a year ago, I would have gone bananas over my find. Web of Debt and They Own it All was actually on my wish list. But nowadays, I no longer take an interest in most of those authors – Jones and Icke in particular.

However White Cargo by Don Jordan and Michael Walsh does look like an interesting read. The authors’ premise is that it was the whites who were the first ones enslaved in American’s colonies. Just like the blacks the white slaves, whom were mainly of British and Irish stock, were subjected to brutal treatments and lived short lives. Out of “morality” and religious reasons this practice died out and thus the enslavement of Africans began.


Unfortunately the person did not live long enough to see SHTF. She passed away two years ago.

Alex Gore

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