Estate Sale Finds – Books on Holocaust Revisionism and WWII


This estate sale was not a recent one but one I attended back in June of last year. As I’ve written in an earlier post, I attend estate sales regularly. The above books were from an estate of a WWII buff. When I arrived at the sale, which was about three hours after the start time, there were few people there and it didn’t appear that any of the books had sold. The sale was by appointment only. I had little idea about what I was about to embark upon. The estate ended up being among the most interesting I’ve ever been to. There were about 200 WWII books – nearly all of them high in quality and fairly recently printed. A lot of books were from Schiffer Military History Press and JJ Federowicz Publishing Co. The owner was a middle class man and had a lot of obsession with Hitler. I was told he traveled to Germany seven times, evidently for the WWII sites. Another 200 or so books were bibles (many of them leather bound and still in boxes) and bible commentaries. Though Christian material is common here in the Bible Belt, this is still a lot for this part of the country.

I told him that I would be interested in purchasing the entire collection which was about 500 books (the liquidator was originally asking $15-20 each for the larger volumes). After he put some thought, he asked $3500. I countered with $2500 and eventually we settled at $3000. The books below are only a small portion of the total that I had bought. I am not sure why one needed to have so many bibles unless they anticipated opening a school. I wish I’d taken more photos of the library when I was at the sale, but I didn’t have an idea at that time of putting this in a post. I have since sold most of the books and bibles online.

About the books above, those are one of the few that I personally kept for myself and has motivated me to look more into Jewish conspiracies. I actually read most of David Duke’s book,  Jewish Supremacism. Quite an eye opening book with stuff I’ve never heard of before.




Alex Drone

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