100 Items Likely to Disappear First During SHTF


by Alex Drone

Mac Slavo of http://www.shtfplan.com presents a list of 100 items (below) that are likely to dissappear in a SHTF scenario. While I don’t think it will get bad enough in the US to warrant this type of preparation, other parts of world will probably experience chaotic conditions when the global economy turns south. The author expects hyperinflation and shortages. I, on the other hand, expect the opposite – deflation and surpluses. Even when the Dow Jones was at 6500 back in 2009, we were not experiencing riots. There were no widespread water or electricity shortages that I knew of. Utilities were not being cut off. I do believe the Dow will decline to 5000 within 2-4 years, which would represent a 70 percent decline from here. Certainly a significant decline and one that portends a sinking economy, but even at this level I don’t think it will be quite SHTF. That scenario I believe is at least 15 years away. The list below is interesting nevertheless and there are useful tips. Some items you should have in handy regardless of the situation, such a generator during power outages.


My First Gun Purchase

I bought my first gun today. Firearms were not a big part of my family and my parents never owned one, so I was not exposed to the gun culture like so many others. The gun I purchased was a Glock 19 (9 mm), which is widely recommended as a great beginner’s gun. I had shot with a borrowed Glock 19 at a practice range and liked the way it felt. I purchased it for $500 on http://www.theoutdoortrader.com. It was in new condition. The website is an online forum for trading weapons and outdoor gear. It was an anonymous purchase. I paid cash and showed no ID.


I’ve also been stocking up on ammo. A couple weeks ago I purchased five boxes of Hornady and two boxes of Winchester hollow-points from Academy Sports. Again, I paid cash and didn’t have to show an ID. The local Walmart is the same way, where I can purchase ammo anonymously. That is one of the good things about the state I live in.


I am trying to build my inventory of firearms and ammo. I think that these items, next to cash and gold, are a good investment should SHTF. In inflation they should go up and in deflation they should hold their value relative to most any other items except for perhaps cash, gold, and canned food. I think it’s risky to hold on to too much cash, even during deflation. There is always a risk of a cash ban or even a housefire.

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Estate Sale Find – Books on Occult, Psychology of Religion, Kaballah, and Alchemy


Recently, I came across an entire library of occult books at a local estate sale. I have never seen such as collection. The books above are the ones I purchased and were only a small portion of what he had. I got to the sale late and there were already a couple of book dealers there and no doubt they got some of the best stuff. The previous owner had thousands of books, with many of them dealing with occult aspects Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and several smaller sects. There were quite a few books on Jung, psychology, dreams, and alchemy. I spent about four hours at that sale digging through the stuff.


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