Estate Sale Find – Books on Occult, Psychology of Religion, Kaballah, and Alchemy


Recently, I came across an entire library of occult books at a local estate sale. I have never seen such as collection. The books above are the ones I purchased and were only a small portion of what he had. I got to the sale late and there were already a couple of book dealers there and no doubt they got some of the best stuff. The previous owner had thousands of books, with many of them dealing with occult aspects Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and several smaller sects. There were quite a few books on Jung, psychology, dreams, and alchemy. I spent about four hours at that sale digging through the stuff.


Close up of some titles:


concious gnostic kabal myth uranus

zIMG_9716 zIMG_9718



A buddy of mine picked this one up. He had a fairly interesting stack.



Alex Drone

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