9/11 Official Story Full of Holes – The Collapse of WTC-7

by Alex Drone

It’s little wonder why the WTC 7 building is not discussed in the media. WTC 7 is the “Achilles’s heel” of the 9/11 official story. While media attention has centered around the Twin Towers and Pentagon, few people know much about Building 7. This 47-story building collapsed in the late afternoon of September 11. If you showed a video of WTC 7 collapsing to a random person who didn’t know what he was looking at and quizzed him what he thinks the cause was, I would say there’s a 95+ percent chance he wouldn’t say fire. However, the official account was that fires caused this building to go down. I suggest you watch the following video:

Most of the material below was from Chapter 5 of David Ray Griffin’s book The Mysterious Collapse of WTC 7, which I read a short while back. Here is the story: Two key witnesses, Barry Jennings and Michael Hess, were trapped inside WTC 7 during the morning of 9/11. Both of them were city officials. Hess was NYC’s chief lawyer and a friend of Rudy Giuliani. Jennings was the director of the Emergency Service Department for the city’s housing authority.


After a plane struck the 1st WTC tower, the two guys (whom didn’t know each other before) hurried to WTC 7 and went to the office on the 23rd floor to supposedly plan an emergency strategy with Giuliani. When they arrived the office was empty.

According to Jennings: Hess and Jennings arrived on the 23rd floor of WTC 7 shortly after the North Tower was struck (8:46) and before the South Tower was struck (9:03). Everybody was gone when they arrived at the office including Giuliani himself. They were in the office when the 2nd WTC tower was struck and then they hurried downstairs (lift didn’t work because the power went out). The men were literally jumping landings. An explosion then came beneath them and the landing gave way. The men hurried back up from the 6th floor and went to the 8th floor to break out a window and cry for help. Jennings was adamant that the twin towers were still standing at the time while being trapped in WTC 7. These towers gave way while both were inside WTC 7. Firefighters could not rescue Hess and Jennings. Why? Because the firefighters came and left the scene twice – the 1st time when Tower 1 fell and the 2nd time when Tower 2 fell. The debris and dust from those towers made it impossible for them to be rescued right after the towers fell. Jennings said they were trapped several hours. All this time they were hearing explosions. When Jennings was finally resuced, he had to be carried because his knees were swollen from jumping the landings. Jennings recalled the lobby being totally destroyed on their way out. The man who carried him out told Jennings not to look, because they were stepping over bodies on their way out.

According to Hess (1st interview): Interviewed live by UPN 9 at 11:57, a block from City Hall: I was up in the emergency management center on the 23rd floor and when all the power went out in the building, another gentlemen and I walked down to the 8th floor where there was an explosion and we were trapped on the 8th floor with smoke, thick smoke, all around us, for about an hour and a half. But the NY Fire Department … just came and got us out. This account generally agreed with Jennings except they actually walked to the 6th floor, not the 8th floor.

According to Giuliani’s book (2002): Giuliani contradicts the accounts of the two witnesses. Giuliani makes no mention of the explosion when describing Hess in WTC 7. Giuliani wrote of Hess:

When he got to the 8th floor, Tower 1 – the North Tower – collapsed, part of it falling on top of the southern part of 7 WTC. Luckily Mike was in the northern section of the building. Unluckily, he was now trapped, as the stairs were impassable.

Mike went into an office on the 8th floor, joined by a fellow from the Housing Authority. The building was filling up with smoke and dust from the collapsed towers, but since the men were facing north they had no way of knowing the towers had fallen.

According to NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology): Account generally agreed with Giuliani’s. Like Giuliani, NIST ignores reports of explosions from the two witnesses as if they didn’t exist. Said the two men started down the stairs after the power went out which was when the South Tower fell at 9:59. Then the two men became trapped because debris from the North Tower blocked the stairwell. North Tower fell at 10:28. The two men were trapped for an hour and a half and were rescued from 12:10 to 12:15.

1) If NIST claims that the two men were rescued from WTC7 at 12:10-12:15 PM, how could Hess have possibly given a live televised interview several blocks from WTC7 at 11:57 AM?
2) How could the two men be trapped if the debris from the falling North Tower struck the southern portion of WTC 7? Giuliani admits the two men were trapped in the northern part of the tower. The distance from the northern portion to the southern portion is 50 yards.
3) Why would it have taken 30 minutes for the men to go from the 23rd to the 6th floor as NIST implies (9:59 to 10:28)? Jennings said they were jumping landings.
4) Why would it have taken firefighter 90 minutes (approx from 10:30 to 12:10) to rescue the two men if the twin towers had already fallen? The reason it took so long for Jennings and Hess to be rescued was because the firefighters came and left twice when each of the twin towers fell. The fallen towers created a huge amount of debris and dust.


July 8th, 2008: BBC airs a documentary, “The Conspiracy Files: 9/11 – The Third Tower”. Not surprisingly, BBC supported the official story. The documentary shows a witness being rescued at 12:03. Claimed they have been trapped in the building for 3 hours after the South Tower collapsed. But if they had been trapped for 3 hours, then they were trapped before the South Tower collapsed, which was at 9:59. BBC inadvertently tells the truth by stating this because this is the time (9:03) that the first tower was actually struck. Also, in this documentary, there was no mention of Hess. Jennings was portrayed as having acted alone, despite Jennings using the word “we” on occasion. Why was Hess not mentioned? Because of the problematic fact that Hess gave an interview before noon.

August 19, 2008: Jennings dies at age 53. Cause of death unknown. Death not reported by the media.

August 21, 2008: NIST announces the Draft version of it’s final report on WTC 7 two days after Jennings dies.

Oct 26, 2008: BBC airs the 2nd version of it’s WTC 7 documentary, which was totally different from the first documentary. This time Hess is present and gives his first interview since 9/11. Hess contradicts his initial interview and confirms point-by-point Giuliani’s book. Why did Hess wait until Jennings died until giving this interview?

This is just a short subset of the WTC 7 dilemma. There are other problems with the official account, such as the near impossibility of all key support beams giving way at the same time to collapse the building in a vertical freefall in just 6.5 seconds. Fire could not have caused that. Fire was also not hot enough to melt any of the support beams.

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