Why Are Jews So Successful?


Many wonder why are there so many Jews occupying high-level government, university, banking, and media positions. They make up just two percent of the US population. There must be something going on, right? Kevin MacDonald explains this in his book, Understanding Jewish Influences. My particular focus is on Ashkenazi Jews who make up the majority of Jews in the US. While the Jew’s high levels of intelligence is something that many of us are aware, the concept of ethnocentricity is something most of us are not familiar with. Understanding both of these things are crucial to understanding how those people, whom make up just 2 percent of the American population, are able to dominate so many high ranking positions in society.


It is well known that Jews are intelligent. The average IQ levels for the following races:

Ashkenazi Jews 115
East Asians 105
Whites 100
Amerindians and most Hispanics 90
African Americans 85
Sub-Saharan Africans 70

The verbal intelligence of Jews tend to be very high. They often excel in law, reading comprehension and grammar, and social sciences. Richard Lynn, who has written a number of books on race, considers verbal IQ the best predictor of success and upward mobility in modern societies. The Jews also have a high work ethic. In my experience of working with Jews, they are some of the hardest working people I’ve been around.  While working for the Federal government, I’ve observed that those people are workaholics. They are extremely dedicated, work quickly, and do not hesitate to work weekends and overtime to get the job done.


While it is well known that Jews are intelligent, what is less known are the ethnocentricity of Jews. Those with high levels of ethnocentrism have strong ties to family, community, and members of their race. Ethnocentric people are very cohesive and evolved in an environment that had regular conflicts with other tribes over resources. A large and strong group was advantageous in defending against enemies. Jews are not the only ones however who possess ethnocentrism as blacks and  Arabs have relatively high degrees ethnocentricity as well.

Caucasians, particular those whose of northern European background, have a difficult time with this concept simply because they have little in the way of ethnocentricity. By contrast they tend to be individualistic. They do not understand what tribal behavior and brotherly attachments are about. Caucasians evolved in an environment as hunters in the cold north of Europe with little contact with others.  Though Europeans generally have low levels of this trait, Anabaptist groups such as the Amish and Mennonites do have some attachment to their own people out of religious and ethical reasons.

Ethnocentric people tend to be sensitive to any sort of criticism of people of their race and usually will go to lengths to protect them. If arguing with blacks about their high crime rates, you will not likely hear an argument based on logic. You will likely be berated for your “racism” and “hate”. Even criticizing the policies of Obama is seen by many blacks as an attack on their entire race. Likewise, arguing with a Jew about Jewish dominance in the media and banking is normally a waste of time as they too will likely resort to personal attacks.

Ethnocentric people, such as Jews, typically work together towards accomplishing goals. They are very altruistic to other Jews. Once they get to the top of an organization, he/she tends to recruit other Jews as well. Philip Weiss of Mondoweiss.com:

How much of Jewish achievement reflects the fact that Jews look out for one another? When I had to get a partner on this website to keep it going, I was most comfortable getting another Jew. Years ago when I was at the Harvard Crimson newspaper, my Irish-Catholic friend Mary Ridge informed me that it was a “Jewish club”–we selected for our own kind; and the Crimson produced a lot of professional journalism talent. I have gotten most of my journalism work from Jewish bosses.

Jews have kinship networks as strong as other people’s, maybe more strong. All that Hollywood talent– producers are always aware of who is a Jew, and I am sure they feel more comfortable hiring Jews. Landsman, “My parents liked the idea of my marrying a Jew because Jews are gemutlich, as my mom always says– family, kin. We know all the social cues, can finish one another’s sentences, etc.”


I’m going to also touch upon aggression, which is another important advantage. Although not many studies have been done in this area, it does appear that Jews score high with regards to it. When it comes to accomplishing goals, they are people who don’t seem to quit no matter what. Some excerpts from Chapter 1, pages 19-22, of Understanding Jewish Influences:

The theme of economic domination has often been combined with the view that Jews are personally aggressive. In the Middle Ages Jews were seen as “pitiless creditors.” The philosopher Immanuel Kant stated that Jews were “a nation of usurers . . . outwitting the people amongst whom they find shelter…. They make the slogan ‘let the buyer beware’ their highest principle in dealing with us.”

In early twentieth-century America, the sociologist Edward A. Ross commented on a greater tendency among Jewish immigrants to maximize their advantage in all transactions, ranging from Jewish students badgering teachers for higher grades to Jewish poor attempting to get more than the usual charitable allotment. “No other immigrants are so noisy, pushing and disdainful of the rights of others as the Hebrews.”

These characteristics (of aggression) have at times been noted by Jews themselves. In a survey commissioned by the American Jewish Committee’s study of the Jews of Baltimore in 1962, “two-thirds of the respondents admitted to believing that other Jews are pushy, hostile, vulgar, materialistic, and the cause of anti-Semitism. And those were only the ones who were willing to admit it.”

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