Introducing David Cole-Stein, a Jewish Holocaust Revisionist

by Alex Gore

Holocaust and WWII revisionists are derided as being Neo-Nazis, hatemongers, and anti-Semites. I started looking into holocaust revisionism about three years ago. At that time I was just starting to research conspiracies. Before then, I believed the official Holocaust story just like most everyone else. I even visited Auschwitz back in 2009 and came away angry and emotional. I guess today, I’m still angry, but for a different reason. Much of the story of the Holocaust just does not add up. Listen to at least the first few minutes of the interview below between David Cole and Ryan Dawson. David Cole, the so-called Holocaust “denier”, is far from the hateful image that we have of revisionists. Revisionists do not claim that no Jews died or that there were not horrible conditions in the camps. They all agree that Jews did die during WWII. How much is anyone’s guess but they mainly agree that it’s far less than the six million number. What revisionists argue is there are numerous contradictions in the official story. Those defending the Holocaust story have not been able to argue with the revisionists. They have instead resorted to smear campaigns and even violence to anybody who questions it.

Also, watch this excellent video by Return of Pmtmr:

Some Interesting Tidbits:

While the estimated number of deaths at the individual camps has fluctuated over time, the 6 million number strangely has stood unchanged. For instance in Auschwitz, the plaque on the left was displayed until 1989 with it noting 4 million deaths while the one on the right was from 2002 and noted 1.5 million deaths, a reduction of some 60 percent:


The six million number evidently has some sort of mysticism behind it. From Thomas Dalton’s Debating the Holocaust:

  • 6 million Jews in the World in 1869
  • 6 million Jews in Russia in 1891
  • 6 million Jews in Russia in 1911
  • 6 million Jews suffering in Europe in 1915, 1920, 1938, 1942, and
  • 6 million in the Third Reich

The six million number has appeared numerous times in print even before WWII started. For instance The American Hebrew in 1919:


Also, there are supposedly six million Jews living in Israel and six million Jews living in the US.

(the following is from Mamboni of the forum posted on Sept 24, 2011)

  • Jewish academic and author Norman Finkelstein wrote a book titled The Holocaust Industry in which he admits that the “official” story on the alleged “Holocaust” is rife with exaggerations, “has always been bankrupt”, is an “outright extortion racket”, and that the “time is long past to put it out of business.” He also admits that the story on the “Holocaust” is an “indispensable ideological weapon” used to cast Jews and the state of Israel as “victims” and give them immunity from criticism and opposition.
  • Three of the best known works on the Second World War are General Eisenhower’s “Crusade in Europe” (559 pages), Winston Churchill’s “The Second World War” ( 6 volumes; 4,448 pages), and the “Mémoires de guerre” by General de Gaulle (3 volumes; 2,054 pages). There is absolutely no mention whatsoever of any “Holocaust”, genocide of the Jews, or gas chambers in these works, or by any other lesser luminaries who wrote about the Second World War.
  • According to the official story, some ~850,000 Jews were “were put to death in gas chambers and then buried in huge mass graves” at the Treblinka concentration camp. Over six days in October of 1999, Australian scientists conducted a detailed forensic examination of the soil at the site, including the use of ground penetrating radar, and found absolutely no evidence whatsoever of any mass graves ever existing there.
  • Many of the more ludicrous claims in the “Holocaust” legend have been quietly abandoned by promoters of the official story, including claims of “making soap and lamp shades out of Jews”, making “shrunken heads” of jews, and the use of “electrocution chambers” and “steam chambers” to exterminate jews. The stories of “homicidal gas chambers” are also false, with the only gas chambers at the camps being delousing chambers to prevent typhus and other diseases. The so-called “gas chambers” were not sealed or otherwise constructed to handle lethal gas, and were miserably small/inadequate to function as the main engine for the alleged extermination of 6+ million people.
  • Upon close examination, the stories of prominent “holocaust survivors” (as well as lesser known “holocaust survivors”) are complete fabrications. Note just the following examples:

— “Holocaust survivor” Moshe Peer claims he was sent to the gas chambers at least six times and survived!

— Survivor William Lowenberg claims a magician friend gave him a magic thirst-quenching pebble while at Auschwitz so that he did not drink water for 3 years, but survived on his saliva alone. Lowenberg also claims he survived on a diet of merely 200 calories a day, and that Dr. Mengele castrated some Jews, and injected animal semen into others.

— The so-called “Diary of Anne Frank” is a proven fraud, with large parts of the document being written in ballpoint pen, when ball-point pens were not available in the market until 1951, well after the war. The document is a forgery written by a novelist hired by Anne’s father Otto.

— Elie Wiesel, a Nobel Prize winner and perhaps the most widely known and celebrated Jewish “holocaust survivor”, is a well-documented liar, who among other things claims to have “survived 12 death camps.” Wiesel was interned at Auschwitz and correctly fails to mention anything of any “gas chambers” in his memoir “Night”, but claims that geysers of Jewish blood spurted out of the ground at Babi Yar and that 10,000 Jews a day were killed at Auschwitz by being thrown alive into burning ditches, which all historians say never happened, let alone ten thousand times a day for months.

— Alleged “holocaust survivor” Misha Defonseca claimed in her memoir, “Misha: A Memoire of the Holocaust Years,” to have escaped the Nazis by trekking across Europe and living with wolves. Eleven years after publishing the book, she admitted the whole story was a hoax.

— Infamous “Nazi hunter”, “Holocaust historian”, and alleged “holocaust survivor” Simon Wiesenthal has now been acknowledged (even by Jews) to be a total fraud. Among Wiesenthal’s absurd claims are the following: He was in 13 “death” and work camps, yet “miraculously” survived them all. He walked 170 miles on a gangrenous foot with a recently amputated toe — and without a shoe and only the sleeve of a coat covering the foot! His gangrenous foot and leg “miraculously” healed without any medical aid. Then there are the numerous “miraculous” escapes from death, including one where he falls unconscious in sub-zero temperatures, is mistaken for dead, only to be discovered alive just before going into the crematorium oven, and simply given a cold shower to thaw out.

— Alleged “holocaust survivor” Irene Weisberg Zisblatt in her “memoir” titled “The Fifth Diamond” claims she hid 5 diamonds from the Nazis by eating them and retrieving them from her excrement for 15 months, was injected with chemicals in her eyeballs by Dr. Mengele, was the “only survivor of her 40 family members”, and was poisoned with chemicals to destroy her reproductive organs and yet “miraculously” had two post-sterilization children after the war.

Morris Hubert says a Jew was thrown into a cage with a bear every day at the Buchenwald concentration camp.

— Alleged “holocaust survivor” Katalin Weinberger claims she saved the life of her sister, who was deathly ill with typhus, by “burying her in ground for 30 days with a pipe sticking up through soil to breathe.”

— Alleged survivor Judith Perlaki claims the gas chambers at Auschwitz were “as long as 50 football fields” (50 x 300ft = 15,000 ft = 2.84 miles), that Germans “tied women’s legs together to stop them from having babies”, the Germans would “hold prisoners under the water to see how long they would last until they would freeze to death”, and that she was served soup with rats and live mice in it.

Eva Olsson, alleged inmate at the Bergen-Belsen camp located in northwestern Germany, claims there were “homicidal gas chambers” there and that she “witnessed” “five children at a time burned alive in the crematoriums” at the camp. But now even proponents of the “official” Holocaust account acknowledge that there were not any “homicidal gassings” at any of the camps on German soil.

— Alleged former inmate of Treblinka Yankel Wiernik claims, among other things, that he “witnessed” a naked Jewish girl leap over a three-meter (10 ft.) high barbed wire fence, wrench the rifle out of the hands of a pursuing guard, and shoot two guards before she was overpowered, that German guard named Sepp would “frequently snatch children from their mother’s arms and tear the child in half”, that 10,000 to 12,000 corpses at one time were burned on giant outdoor pyres, and that the corpses of men would not burn but the corpses of women burned easily and were “used for kindling.”

Rivka Yosselevska claims she witnessed “blood spurting out of the ground” at a mass grave where Jews were allegedly executed.

— A former leading representative of “holocaust survivors” in Spain admitted he was an impostor and was never even in a camp.

Other purported Holocaust survivors have claimed “witnessing” a Nazi “electric machine to collect the sperm of Jews” and “attack dogs with poison on their teeth.”

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