Estate Sale Finds – Religious and Conspiracy Books

This past April I went to the mega Gainesville FL Friends of the Library (FOL) sale. This is one of the largest and best known books sales in the country and they hold a couple sales per year. Here are some of the books I got. (each of the images below are clickable)

All three Abrahamic religions represented here:

I read most of this book which was published in 1988. It which highlights the housing and building architecture of the new African-American settlers in Liberia. The buildings borrowed much from the American South where they came from. Lot of the blacks arrived just after slavery ended though some arrived as freed men in the early 19th century. These blacks decided to build better lives for themselves (or so they hoped) and escape white rule in America. Though many were disappointed at the conditions in Liberia, some staked out a reasonable life. The new settlers ruled the country until the coup in 1980. The country has been in chaos ever since.

These all below came from an estate sale in Deland. Morals and Dogma is a Freemasonry book. Albion’s Seed explains the four geographical areas of England where early British Americans originated from. And The Underground History of American Education was written by John Taylor Gatto. He is well known for exposing government schooling.

Alex Gore

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