Why the Jewish Media Control is so Dangerous

While they are some who recognize Jewish domination of the media, most do not understand why this is necessarily a problem. The biggest reason why this is a problem is that Jews have a very long history of infiltration and subversion of Gentile societies. They believe they have a God-given right to rule over all others as endorsed throughout Judaic scriptures. Jews have always been subverters of gentile societies. This goes back thousands of years. Ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt were absolutely destroyed by Jewish subversion. Their “us versus them” mentality goes back to at least biblical times. They truly believe they are at a never-ending war with the Gentiles. Jews tend to promote the exact opposite of what they themselves practice. They are a highly ethnocentric group of people and work together as a team. Jews are not the only group of people who are tribalistic, but they are far and away the most successful when it comes to control and subordination of others. Tribalistic people tend to view people of their own kind as “brothers” and view others as inferior. They tend to get highly offended when an outsider criticizes one of their people, regardless of whether the criticism was just or not. I know from experience on message boards that Jews will lash out at you if you merely suggest that Jews control a large proportion of the media or banks. Generally what the Jewish media promotes as good for us is bad for them and what they promote as bad for us is actually good for them.

Jewry practices:

  • pride
  • high investment parenting
  • long-term planning and goal setting
  • solidarity and brotherhood
  • teamwork with group-based goals
  • racial purity – for example, interracial marriages are illegal in Israel
  • racism towards Gentiles
  • reverence for the past
  • no gambling – gambling is illegal in Israel
  • no debt to the Gentiles
  • aggression

Jewry promotes (for the Gentiles):

  • guilt
  • low investment parenting, sexualization of children, and rebelliousness among teens
  • radical individualism such as homosexuality, feminism, anarchy, etc
  • the idea of self-importance
  • minding your own business
  • living in the moment – for example materialism
  • destruction and irrelevance of the past – for example mocking the confederate flag
  • polarization such as the promotion of divisive politics
  • race-mixing
  • open borders
  • gambling
  • pornography
  • being dependent on the system (i.e. government, corporations, police)
  • indebtedness to the Jewish bankers
  • pacifism and politeness (except against Israel’s enemies)

The biggest reason why they promote ideas like race-mixing, polarization, and atomized individualism is to fragment Gentile society. When everyone else is disorganized, confused, and pointing fingers at one another, it becomes easier to move up the ladder to keys areas of societal control and subvert from within. If there is going to be any Gentile solidarity, it is going to be for the benefit of the Jews only.

Now I recognize that Jews in the West mainly watch the same controlled media as the Gentiles. However, Jews being mainly of the upper class, are less affected by societal debauchery than the lower end of society who are most affected by it.

Jews do not criticize their own people. No matter what type of crimes they commit, they are going to absolve them of wrongdoing. For example, those living in the US may recall the child-molesting fiasco at Penn State several years ago. Jerry Sandusky was an assistant coach to Joe Paterno. Though Sandusky, a Jew, was the one who committed the molestations, the media put the blame on Paterno, who was a Gentile. They blamed Paterno for “ignoring” the problem that has been going on for years.

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