Jews and the Promotion of Radical Individualism

Jews have been at the forefront of the promotion of “radical individualism”. What is referred to as radical individualism is people acting in ways that is harmful to the community. In other words it is people acting purely in their self-interest with little to no regard for their fellow men. It places the individual above the group. Jews have been promoting greed, materialism, the idea of self-importance, and the “every man for himself” mentality. They do not want to promote the type of individualism that encourages “thinking outside the box”. The Jewish-controlled media promote ideas that degenerate society through sex and pornography, interracial marriages, homosexuality, and feminism. Jews hate the idea of organization – that is Gentiles being organized. Yet they encourage their own people to remain as fiercely organized as possible.  Jews have the habit of promoting to the gentiles the exact opposite of what they themselves practice.

Libertarianism and anarchy are two ideologies that have a heavy concentration of Jewish leadership and are radically individualistic. Adam Kokesh is probably the most well-known person in the anarchy movement. The Austrian School of Economics, which promotes the abolishment of government, was founded in recognition of Ludwig Von Mises, a Jew. Some of the most prominent members of that school are Jewish including Murray Rothbard, Walter Block, George Reisman, and David Friedman.

Why Do Jews Push For Radical Individualism?

In the long run, radical individualism among gentiles and the fragmentation of gentile culture offer a superior environment for Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy, and this is indeed an important direction of current Jewish intellectual and political activity. – Kevin MacDonald in Culture of Critique

Jews are terrified of Gentile solidarity. They see gentile solidarity and gentile governments as highly opposed to Jewish interests. Indeed gentile solidarity has been primarily responsible for the persecution and expulsion of Jews over much of their history throughout Europe and other parts of the world. Leaders such as Adolph Hitler may have been the most well known man to organize a group of people. Jews have seen Arabs, who are among the most ethnocentric people in the world, as a major threat to the security of Israel and the Jewish people.

The reasons for the repeated expulsion and persecution of the Jews has much to do with the way Gentiles viewed Jewish behavior. They saw Jews as being exploiters. They saw Jews as being overly-competitive and putting Gentiles out of business. They wanted government to do something about this. Jews on the other hand have seen gentiles as getting in their way and limiting their full potential.

Individuals are little threat to highly-organized groups such as the Jews because individuals tend to mind their own business and work primarily towards personal goals. Individuals see it more as a burden than a duty to act in the interest of the people and the community. Individuals are less likely to practice racism and discrimination. In fact under free-market capitalism, a system that encourages a high amount of individualism, participants are punished for discrimination. Discrimination against potential customers harms profits which is the number one driving force under capitalism.

Another reason why Jews push for radical individualism is that individuals are more likely to spend money and be selfish with it. Because the banking and financial system is primarily Jewish owned and run they want people to spend and borrow as much as possible. They are particularly interested in transferring wealth and resources from the hands of Gentiles to the hands of Jews. Organized groups are far more efficient when it comes to sharing resources with one another. They see selfishness as harmful to group interests. On the other hand individualists are more likely to depend on the system for their needs. They are more likely to live a discrete atomized lifestyle and are primarily concerned for themselves. Look at the way Mexicans in the US go about their daily lives. Mexicans are experts in networking. A lot of Mexicans only do business with other Mexicans and avoid the “system”. I personally know of a Mexican family who run a lucrative home rental business and do not even use a bank.



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