Atheism Is A Jewish Led Movement

Now I haven’t done much in the way of research to confirm that atheism is a Jewish-led movement but I can observe from the behavior of atheists and the material put out by certain authors that it is indeed a Jewish-controlled movement. Lately I’ve attended a few social groups for freethinkers and non-believers. What I’ve observed was that the people who are staunch atheists are typically very left-wing (and sometimes very vocal about it). I find some of them very radical. A lot of them support open borders, the sexualization of society, and the destruction of cultural norms and traditional values. These values are exactly the ones that organized Jewry has been pushing on the West for the past century. The destruction of religion and spirituality has especially been pushed by the violent communist movements in the Soviet Union and China that killed tens of millions of people.

Atheism is the opposite of spirituality. It gives no possibility of an external driving force. It gives no possibility of spontaneity. It paints the picture of life as completely black and white with no wiggle room. This one-sideness of portraying an issue is a typical Jewish propaganda tool. I consider myself an agnostic. I am open to the possibility that a higher being or deity exists. While there is no way to prove that one exists it is also not possible to prove that one does not exist.

I do not know whether the movement in atheism has always been Jewish-led but I do know it has been Jewish influenced in modern times. Atheists such as John Loftus who has written The Christian Delusion

also has written The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed The Jewish People. Just as the Religious Right in this country has been subverted into supporting Israel, this book attempts to do the same for non-believers.

Atheists such as Ali Rizvi, a Pakistani, written the book The Atheist Muslim. I do know exactly what is in the book but from his youtube video and a live chat session with him it is clear that he promotes (indirectly) the wars for Israel by demonizing Islam and saying that it is directly responsible for 9/11 and all these “Islamic” terrorist attacks since. He says we need open criticisms of that religion and we are not getting enough of it. Rizvi is very left-wing and promotes the Jewish ideology of Westernizing the Middle East. More on Rizvi later.

Few of these well-known atheists have come out publicly to criticize Judaism.

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