Why I think Kyle Hunt and Renegade Tribune is Controlled Opposition

Renegade Tribune is an alternative news site that provides exposure of Jewish/Zionist power. Renegade Broadcasting is their sister site that presents similar information in an audio form. They have many different guests and contributors. Kyle Hunt is the man and brains behind the whole operation – or at least that’s what we have been led to believe. Before I start off I would like to thank Kyle for publishing one of my videos and their desire to interview me. Now with that out of the way I would like to take a hard serious look at Renegade.

I was a big fan of Renegade. I thought they were putting out real hard hitting stuff. They exposed Jewish power like few other sites. Their promotion of white nationalism was relatively mild (I am not white BTW), as they included contributors (including me) of non-white origin. I thought all was good. There were however some things with Renegade that didn’t quite add up such as Kyle being a one man show and the removal of key contributors to the site. But as long as they put out seemingly good material why focus on those things? Perhaps I didn’t want to think about those things. I was looking more at what they were getting right instead of paying attention to potential red flags. I thought I knew most everything I needed to know about controlled opposition. Renegade exposed the bible and Judaeo-Christianity (though some of the most hard-hitting articles have disappeared), they exposed the two-party system, and they were not bashing (at least not as hard) the Arab/Muslims like the rest of the alt-right. Those types of red flags typified the propaganda of so many alternative sites. Also Renegade had a relatively low amount of viewers. I thought if those red flags were not present, then I could trust the site. However, I didn’t realize how psychologically vulnerable I was to a different type of mind control. There were indeed red flags but it didn’t necessarily come from the content – though some of their material were indeed dubious. These red flags I was ignoring because I came to see Renegade as some sort of savior and friend. They had been friendly with me. They seemed to be one of the few sites that seemingly exposed “everything”. I was wanting me to believe that they were legit. I simply ignored the question marks and put them aside. Now because I had a recent fallout with them (more on this later), I see them with a completely different pair of eyes. I now see the red flags that I was ignoring much more clearly. I suppose the fallout changed the entire way I thought of their operation. And instead of Renegade seeing me as a contributor, they saw me as a pest.

A One Man Show?

Kyle Hunt received his Bachelor of Arts in psychology and theater, worked briefly in Silicon Valley, and then became involved in the alternative media in 2008. Over the years he has covered topics such as symbolism, mythology, occultism, spirituality, paganism, racial realities, revisionist history, politics, and anything else that might pique his interest. Kyle is best known for hosting a popular online radio show, founding Renegade Broadcasting, and leading the controversial 2014 White Man March in an effort to raise awareness concerning the ongoing genocide of European people across the world. In short, Kyle is a man on a mission.

– statement from his Renegade Broadcasting site

Kyle Hunt supposedly is THE MAN behind Renegade. He is multi-talented. He is a professional website designer and that is the reason why both Renegade Tribune and Renegade Broadcasting look so polished. Kyle writes hundreds of articles and does many many broadcasts and interviews. He tweets throughout the day. Kyle organizes rallies for white nationalists and organizes marches against organizations such as AIPAC. He is also an artist and does dozens of paintings (and sells them on Renegade).

Have you ever thought whether it is possible for one man to do all that? On top of that, how does he earn a living? If you think it’s through donations, he claims the donations are barely enough to run the site.

A Number of Authors Removed

While they have stopped publishing articles by the obvious con-artists such as David Duke, Jim Corbett, and Lasha Darkmoon they have dropped a number of high quality hard-hitting authors. Most notable are those by Axe of Perun and Digger for Truth. Axe of Perun is not only gone from Renegade but all of his articles have been deleted as well. Thankfully the West’s Darkest Hour has some of them archived. The articles of Axe were very deep as he provided extensive exposure of the bible and Judaeo-Christianity.

As for Digger for Truth, while some articles are still there, Digger has been MIA for a couple of years. He was one of the few authors who recognized the fact that ALL Gentiles are under attack – not just whites. Digger had a game-plan and was a serious activist. That must not have rubbed well with Renegade. If Digger was killed off, Renegade should have provided some sort of eulogy. If he was not killed, then Renegade should have said something anyway because Digger had a growing fan-base. But he just quietly disappeared from the scene and not a word was said.

No solutions

Renegade provides no solutions to any of our problems. Once in a while they’ll pay lip service to activism to give you the impression that they are being pro-active. Most of their so-called activism is channeled into encouraging you to take individualistic action. What do they advocate? They advocate planting a garden, taking herbal supplements, and spending at least 20 minutes a day in the sun. They advocate not sitting in front of a computer for more than 30 minutes at a time. Certainly personal development has a place in society, but how can you defeat the establishment with this?

The reason Renegade floods their channel with this type of material is to encourage pacifism. They want you to do the exact opposite of what the establishment does. The establishment operates as an aggressive cohesive group. They are as powerful as they are because they take ACTION and take it collectively. The establishment wants us to act as individualists because individualists are of little threat to powerful groups. Sitting in front of the computer doing nothing but reading and listening is not being pro-active. Yes, you need to educate yourself on the nature of the enemy but at some point you have to get up and do something about it.

Because Renegade wants to channel your energy into reading and watching, when you do present someone who does try to do something about the problems (i.e. PMTMR/Jim How) they immediately launch attacks.

The establishment is not scared of folks like Kyle Hunt. If they were he would have been eliminated a long time ago. It is only when you have a serious game plan to directly take them down that they become worried. They are especially scared of those who are the motivational speaker type that can lead the charge and rally the troops. PMTMR made it clear in his videos that the only way he could be stopped would be a bullet to his head.

Telling You What You Want to Hear

(We) shall set up our own, to all appearance, opposition, which, in at least one of its organs, will present what looks like the very antipodes to us. Our real opponents at heart will accept this simulated opposition as their own and will show us their cards. – Protocols of Zion

Renegade caters to those who are skeptical of the Jewish establishment, are skeptical of Judaeo-Christianity, are skeptical of the left-right political paradigm, and are skeptical of the wars in the Middle East. In other words, they cater to those that already know about the JQ and know it well. They tell those people what they want to hear. They threw out David Duke, Jim Corbett, Lasha Darkmoon, and others because readers were wising up. People on Renegade do not have an original thought. They seem to flow like water depending on where the sentiment is. They have no real opinions or strong stances. Whatever we want they give to us. Whatever we deem as unacceptable, they stop. They take information from others and adopt it for their own purpose.

I posted a criticism that suggested that their content was too sensational and that there was not enough activism. Instead of taking that as a suggestion to improve their site, they tried to make me feel guilty.

Kyle says his site is not a forum for activism, yet he has repeatedly said that “we” will win and “we” will defeat ZOG. Listen to the podcast below from 34:58 to 35:00:


Real truthers don’t make blanket statements like that. Kyle is simply telling you what you want to hear.

Kyle claims he has a degree in psychology but ironically has not presented much on recognizing controlled opposition and mind control. Mike Stathis on the other hand who has no psychological background discusses extensively con-artists and shills in the alternative media and how to avoid being taken by psychological deception. Renegade doesn’t want to train you on how to think. They don’t want you to think beyond what you can immediately see and hear.

Real Truthers Are Silenced

Real truthers are SILENCED. Folks like PMTMR, Right Libertarian Universe, and Mike Stathis are NOT promoted. Renegade ignores them. Those people just mentioned have strong bold personalities. You can’t push them around. They don’t deviate from their line. They are not there to tell you what you want to hear. They know the reality is ugly and depressing. A lot of their material is repulsive even to fans of theirs. There’s a big difference between those that tell you what you want to hear and those that tell you the way it really is. PMTMR often shows disturbing photos of mutilated bodies of German soldiers and civilians during WWII. He does the same with the victims of the War on Terror. He wants to portray reality. Mike Stathis uses strong language throughout his broadcasts. He uses it to the point where many people are turned off by him. But Stathis does not want you to listen to him because you like him. He wants you to listen to him for the content. Renegade likes to interview easy going people that will not challenge them. They promote people who are not likely to lead a charge and are of little to no threat to the establishment. Among the reasons why Renegade refuses to interview the likes of Stathis and PMTMR is because they they can’t easily be pushed around. They are original and they don’t simply regurgitate information. I guess the reason Renegade promoted one of my videos is because I have a relatively soft personality and that I have endorsed Renegade in some of my prior videos.

You may now be asking what about Scott Roberts? Roberts is a hard-hitting guy that Renegade has published some stuff. Roberts makes it clear that powerful and influential Jews are behind the world order. But unlike PMTMR he is a white nationalist. Now I have no problem with those who stand up for their people (and they should) but Roberts has kept promoting the fact that it is only the WHITES that are under attack. PMTMR on the other hand has made it clear in his videos that although there are many problematic traits of minorities such as blacks, all Gentiles are under attack. Whether intentional or not, Roberts’ material is that of creating polarization. He paints things completely as black and white. Every controlled media outlet does the same thing. They never paint anything in shades of gray because they want to leave no ambiguity in your mind on issues they present. As far as I’m aware Scott Roberts has not mentioned PMTMR or Stathis in any of his videos. PMTMR did make mentions of Roberts on the other hand. When PMTMR disappeared a year and a half ago, Roberts said nothing.

Real Truthers Do Not Rally in Front of the Public

Real truthers do not generate publicity by rallying in front of AIPAC or organizing marches. Kyle protesting at AIPAC reminds me of Alex Jones protesting at Bohemian Grove. A real hard-hitting guy would be eliminated if they did what Kyle and Alex did. Because those guys are almost certainly controlled, there is nobody going after them. They can expose themselves all they want without fear. Additionally, real truthers do not reveal their name AND show their face. They may do one of the two but not both.

Real Truthers Don’t Ask for Money

Real truthers don’t go around begging for money. Nor do real truthers promote items on their website. These are classic Jewish tactics in milking the dumb goyim.

(also note the indirect promotion of Bitcoin)

Real Truthers Don’t Promote Facebook

Real truthers do not bash Facebook and then promote them. That’s what Renegade does. That’s what Alex Jones does. They may pretend to hate social media but they use them to the fullest extent. We know that Facebook is a Jewish operation that uses your personal information and sells them to corporations and government officials. If you put enough info out there they not only can pinpoint who you are but can determine where you live. Real Truthers know the danger of social media.

Real Truthers Don’t Get Exposure

Real truthers get harassed and get their material suppressed. Look at the figures above. If those numbers are accurate, Renegade received 13 million views over the past year. My blog averages a mere 3-4 hits per day. My youtube videos average 200 views each. PMTMR’s channel has been deleted on youtube. Same with Mike Stathis. Even when they were active they were only averaging around 500 views per video. Renegade along with the rest of the controlled sites make sure material from real truthers stay suppressed. When former Renegade Broadcaster Nick Spero passed away, Kyle gave a two hour podcast eulogizing the man. When Axe of Perun and Digger for Truth disappeared, not a word was said.


Renegade is designed for those who are not easily swayed by the obvious conman such as Jeff Rense, David Duke, and Andrew Anglin. It is the establishment’s final straw for those who are very well acquainted with the JQ and less easily swayed by obvious disinfo agents. This is where you have to go beyond the written word. You have to go beyond the blabber that comes out of one’s mouth. You have to go beyond what you perceive as true. You have to be able to train yourself to distinguish between those telling you what you want to hear and those telling how it really is. You need to have a bird’s eye view of what is really going on. Among the first things you should ask yourself is what purpose he or she serves. Think about the establishment. What are they doing versus what the masses are doing? Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself this. If you are part of the establishment, are you really going to be scared of people like Kyle Hunt and Sinead McCarthy?

Another thing, there is no audience size that is too small for the establishment to ignore. They are extremely paranoid and want to get every single soul on this planet under their control. They have all angles covered.

… to discourage any kind of personal initiative which might in any degree hinder our affair. THERE IS NOTHING MORE DANGEROUS THAN PERSONAL INITIATIVE: if it has genius behind it, such initiative can do more than can be done by millions of people among whom we have sown discord.

– The Protocols of Zion

Renegade fulfills the agenda of the establishment. They get you to spend endless amounts of time reading, watching, and listening. The shows they do average 1-2 hours each and they do a show almost daily. Much of the stuff is recycled and much of it is distraction. Those who otherwise should be going out and doing something about these problems are instead being couch potatoes.

We need real warriors. We need people who are not afraid of death. Folks like PMTMR was one of those who was not afraid of death. Even though he got far more stuff wrong than Renegade, he was actually trying to do something about our problems. Renegade on the other hand may have gotten more stuff right, but at the end of the day, what counts is whether your material has led to any meaningful action or not.


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  1. After 51 years at the front lines, loss of freedom and near loss of life, constantly broke, a life of self-sacrifice, so much else, Kyle Hunt hates my guts as much as any deep state operative, liberal hack or Zionist. Go figure, as the Americans say. Michael Walsh.

    • Good to hear from you, Mike. I noticed that your articles no longer appear on Renegade and that there must have been some sort of fallout. I didn’t know what it was exactly.

      • Thank you; over 400 unique stories published and leaping to his defence whenever others criticised him, Kyle conceded my stories were the click-bait ever. Then, because I wasn’t negative about Putin and Prime Minister Orban he set the trolls on me.Am I really likely to write for someone who since and now never pauses in publishing defamatory comments on me posted by anonymous posters. With ‘friends’ like Kyle and Sinead, I really don’t need enemies.

  2. Please contact me. I have been running my youtube I think since 2012 https://www.youtube.com/user/fuerzainternnational
    I did get banned for a year for talking about my story of surviving a Muslim attack here in Australia 2012. At the time a was a professional athlete and was shut down and ignored/gaslighted an belittled. I went down the Info wars etc route because I couldn’t figure out what was going on and got into renegade after I was starting to figure the bs at Info wars. Please bear in mind I was unable to walk for a year and half, was traumatized form the attack and aftermath including being gaslighted by our very own Australian government into Silence. I have had niggles that I feel I have been ignoring due to I guess projecting the desire to be around my people etc who are switched on.
    I know your Asian and have no issues with other races but I don’t appreciate Australia now resembling China, it is soul destroying on so many levels when once we 95% ethnically European with full European diversity. It’s not the country I grew up in and everyone is segregated, and the Whites remaining appear so brain washed or are so self hating that it is almost impossible to gain traction on creating community.
    I still teach stretch classes only once a week due to physical disabilities from the 2012 attack, and blog/vlog full time ontop of being a priestess/practicing old ways witchcraft/druidry which is respectively germanic and celt of old. I don’t miz with pagan or witchy circles beyond study due to they all being ‘controlled op/multi cult’
    As a witch of old ways I have no religion so I’m not even pagan but support pre abrahamic pagan or ethnic based for the non ethnic europeans. I don’t like putting Anglo terms on those who are not white so to speak. Part of my path is working with what others dont see. I have a major back story including being a biomechanist/kinesiologist/dietician for over 25 years until I had that 2012 attempt on my life.
    I went by the handle of venganance at Renegade and did a couple of shows. I got fed up with people using my info opr presence being a witch who actually sees ancestral deities energies as source of info to create pieces/content which much of the time showed not only total disrespect but was done poorly. I have finally had it with the station. Including the bashing of Egypt/Pro muslim flavour I keep picking up on. Given my experience it does trigger.
    I’m starting to feel all of these platforms are there to provide info tainment but also to keep people chasing their own tails and to restrict their own living space/prison. Spiritually, Mentally not just physically.
    My Instructor quals also included yoga instructor/pilates in my teens through exposure as a dancer. I started training at 11 now mid 40’s and pretty much lived in the gym. I was also trained by power lifter Fred Hatfield Dr Squat. I get grated on those advising fitness/health with zero quals but also with no scientific understanding. I’m spiritual although not religious but I’m also just as science based and value the mundane just as much.
    Being in Australia I do try to get through to people who here are now mostly not white (we are deliberately being replaced and homogenized with Asians, especially our men)
    Going forward I want every race to be strong and with their roots healed, lands reclaimed, globalist and jewish cult kabals inc the bolsh. kicked out where I do not care to be honest. I do not have an aversion to violence even though I’m now vegan, have been since end of 2012. I was angry to uncover the BS in the Dietetics I had studied. This isn’t a battle whites can fight alone – I know this and was even shown this.
    There is a Abrahamic demi being white is the source of all this shyte we are in which all’ Abrahamics serve even if they do not know it. It hates nature, beauty, women, different races. As a witch I’m also fed up with the jewish entertainment and how they dpict us and how non whites can be witch. Witch originates from the Wics and my last name is Wink which descends form the wise crafters from as far back as Normandy on fathers side postnord fishermen (Vikings).
    The appropriation of my path also destroys those who are not white for it replaces the connection to their own ethnos/spiritual ancestors.
    I have lost trust in everyone to be honest but always hope to find like minds to fight this. I dont like drama with no solutions, think tank approaches. I don’t want to see all races mixed into a mongroid, no roots, no ancestral blessing/presence globe. To me this is the death of humanity and diversity which I’m adamantly against.
    Part of what I blog, vlog about is focusing on the good things, homesteading, vegan permaculture (I studied perm. through Oregon state online and at Melbourne Uni a few years ago after doing an entry into biomimicry) also I focus on correcting symbols/claiming them back. I have a peeve at those who have stolen/appropriated my bloodlines practice of witchcrafting in christo (jewish) prophecy and BS which includes Satanism which actually doesn’t exist it is a control op. As example as a witch I do not even believe in the existence of the devil or satan etc. I just don’t believe or like the Bible. My mother was an Anglican elder of a church and my family’s bot th betrayed their ancestors for a Rabbi!
    I is funny as a permaculturist the the RB platform seemed to start pushing permaculture. There are major issues with the qualifications in which I corrected and am working on a correct formula for Europeans which then can be a template to personalize for other races. Overall Permaculture (The founder is actually Australian and taught us at Melbourne Uni Bill Mollison) uses a lot of Ethnically European concepts/practices including Druidry reworded and made to fit all races. And he even said he hates witches lol. The point is its weird I start talking about Permaculture and then they run with it without even doing a term in Permaculture in any of the Permie courses.
    I tend to view hive mind think as village idiots and I do get frustrated when paranoia on symbols are being sold incorrectly including at Renegade. This is no different to the christ tarded, which at its root is anti-ethnos and communism blueprint.
    I’m in priestess training in order to be able to hand fast my folk in unions without swearing on the christo book and Im on a pause from but am doing an undergrad in physics online to help with my archeoastronomy. I’m against Gnostic numpties replaceism christo ways of thinking
    This is a lot of info.
    But if your interested I have unseen set up to chat for free privately even if it’s to bounce of what the fox is going on. They want everyone alienated and not getting any traction. I called out a whole slew of pretenders who were narcissist to Kyle by email a year back and his reply was he wasn’t good with confrontation. Could this possible be a narc? Doesn’t add up. How does a platform keep attracting Narcs?
    My email is bohemefit@mail.com
    We can go from there, that goes to you to Mike if you read this.


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