The Real Reasons for Suburbanization

Many recognize the problems of a spread out lifestyle, which is particularly common in America: traffic congestion, long commute times, the destruction of natural open spaces, and a lower social atmosphere. The post-war period has seen the exodus of families from dense urban environments into low density communities. Many of the once thriving urban communities have turned into ghost towns of abandoned homes, crime, and filth. Despite the problems suburbanization has caused, few have publicly voiced complaints. The few who have shown concern normally give the reasons for suburbanization and sprawl as having to do with low taxes, cheap land, and the “inherent” desire of Americans wanting more space and bigger things. None of those are the real reasons. The main reasons for suburbanization is to maximize consumer spending, to discourages organization, and to distract the masses. Many people recognize those things but instead of seeing it as the reasons they see it as some accidental consequences. Folks, there are few things in this world that happen by accident. This was intentional and was designed to benefit the corporations, the government, the bankers, and the Jewish establishment.

Suburbanization Maximizes Spending and Consumption.

Anytime you watch the news, one of the main themes is that of the economy and the need to get people to spend, spend, and spend. To them there is no such thing as too much growth. Any deficit in the economy is viewed as something sinister and must be stopped. Suburbanization maximizes spending and resource consumption. The shear amount of resources used to create this highly individualistic atomized lifestyle is mind boggling. Think about the amount of building materials, the amount of motor vehicles, the amount of fuel to commute, the number of motor vehicle repair and maintenance facilities, the number of lawn care equipment, the millions of miles of concrete and tar for the roads, etc. Because the living spaces are often larger in a low density setting, there is more energy that is required to heat and cool the homes and there is more furnishings and belongings that seek to occupy those large living spaces.

Suburbanization also discourages the sharing of resources. Tools, lawn care equipment, and recreational equipment (boats, bicycles, etc) could be shared but instead are being repeated for each home. A lot of those things sit around being unused most of the time. Obviously, someone is making a lot of money from this system.

Suburbanization Encourages Materialism and Decreases Spiritualism

Suburbanization encourages materialism, flaunting of wealth, and “keeping up with the Jones”. People are more likely to show-off their status by having nice vehicles, manicured lawns, and large decorated stately homes than if they lived in densely populated areas where there are fewer opportunities to show-off. In fact many see material goods as a way to make up for the lack of a genuine social life. Because of the fewer opportunities for genuine friendships many make up for it by excessive television and movie watching which encourages even more materialism.

Suburbanization Keeps A Person Distracted

Think about the amount of time it takes to care for a large house with a large lawn and all the material goodies in that house. And think about when it comes time to move, the sheer amount of time a couple spends hunting for their next home and starting the process over again. Since suburbanization increases distraction, suburbanization also increases apathy towards the real problems in our world. Most people won’t give a damn about anything as long as their personal situation is satisfied. They’ll care less about the sufferings of their neighbors and the world in general.

Suburbanization Destroys A Sense of Community

Suburbanization discourages community and encourages radical individualism. This point is very important. The ones who are enslaving us are not just merely elites who happen to be rich and powerful. They are a mafia. They are very cohesive and ethnocentric but discourage us common folks from acting the same because they don’t want competition. (If you have glanced at any of my other posts you know which group I’m talking about.) It is solidarity of the commoners that has historically given the establishment the most problem in enslaving the masses. Groups are far more powerful than individuals and individuals are easier to enslave. Individuals tend to mind their own business and focus only on personal goals. Sprawl makes it very difficult for citizens to effectively organize and makes it especially difficult to organize against the establishment. Sprawl discourages people from brainstorming together to solve problems and instead encourages them to turn to the system (i.e. corporations, government, media, and police). People tend to have a high sense of mistrust among one another in a suburban type of setting.

Suburbanization Increases Stress

Suburbanization increases social isolation and decreases social skills and a sense of trust among one another. Millions of Americans suffer from loneliness and depression. Millions of Americans spend billions of dollars on counseling, therapy, and drugs (legal and illegal). This is yet another way the elites are profiting and ties in with the first point in regards to increased consumerism.

Laws Prevent Communal Living

To create the spread out lifestyle requires many laws. There are laws separating residential and commercial areas, laws to maintain the number of parking spaces per square footage of business space, laws that regulate the distances from the front door of a house to the road, laws that regulate the size of the lot a home is to be built on, etc. All this discourages walking and encourages the use of cars.

Had enough? Want to step away from this enslavement? Check out these two programs below:



Eustace Mullins’ Curse of Canaan is Disinformation

I read The Curse of Canaan a couple years ago based on recommendations from fans of Eustace Mullins. Many of his fans are deep into New World Order conspiracies and in particular the Jewish question. C of C is probably Mullins’ best known work. At that time I was just getting into the JQ. I have to say I was highly disappointed with the book – whether it was back then or now. It was sloppily researched, had numerous editing problems, and had little in the way of documentation and references cited. Now that I know much more about the JQ, especially in regards to the bible, I can confidently say that Mullins is a gatekeeper. I am going to dissect only the first chapter (The War Against Shem) of the book. I don’t have the time, nor do I think it is necessary to dissect the entire book. I have to say this book was an insult to my intelligence. The entire thesis of the book is that it was the Canaanites (instead of the Israelites) who are behind the world order and that world order started around biblical times and continues to this day. On page 32 of C of C:

The Will of Canaan today remains the operating instructions of the Canaanite heirs, who presently control the World Order.

Now I don’t know whether the Canaanites were real groups of people or whether they were metaphors for certain groups of people. Mullins makes his case with sloppy research, taking passages out of context, and pulling things out of thin air like a magician. According to Mullins, the Canaanites represent every evil that the world has seen. On page 21:

The Curse of Canaan was extended to the land which was named after him, the Land of Canaan. The Canaanites themselves, the people of this land, became the greatest curse upon humanity, and so they remain today. Not only did they originate the practices of demon-worship, occult rites, child sacrifice, and cannibalism, but as they went abroad, they brought these obscene practices into every land which they entered. Not only did they bring their demonic cult to Egypt, but, known by their later name, the Phoenicians, as they were called after 1200 B.C., they became the demonizers of civilization through successive epochs, being known in medieval history as the Venetians, who destroyed the great Byzantine Christian civilization, and later as “the black nobility,” which infiltrated the nations of Europe and gradually assumed power through trickery, revolution, and financial legerdemain.

That passage is an example of pulling things out of a hat. Mullins claims that the Canaanites brought those practices of child sacrifice and cannibalism in every land in which they entered but provides absolutely no references to back that up. Even the Jewish Encyclopedia says that child sacrifices were unlikely to have been a part of Canaanite worship:

Apart from the offerings of fruits from the earth and the firstlings of cattle, much is not known with regard to the rites of the popular Ba’al-Worship. Self-torture and mutilation characteristic of the Phenician type (I Kings xviii. 28) were probably absent from the simpler and freer usages of the primitive local observances. It is also doubtful whether the sacrifice of children, proper to the service of Molech, was ever a feature of inland Canaanitic Ba’al-Worship (Jer. xix. 5 is to be corrected by the LXX.). The shrines were little more than altars with the symbol of the Ashtoreth planted beside it—the sacred tree-stem or pole named from an old Canaanite goddess, Ashera, with whom Ashtoreth was identified.

Continued on page 22 of C of C:

The reputation of Canaan is to be found in many ancient records, although its foul history has been carefully expunged from even more of the historic archives and libraries. In 1225 B.C., the Pharaoh Merneptah, who, because of his victories in the Canaanite region, was known as “Binder of Gezer,” set up a stele to commemorate his successes. Among the inscriptions placed thereon was this: “Plundered is the Canaan, with every evil; All lands are united and pacified.”

Which ancient records? How about listing them Mr. Mullins?

Page 25:

Nimrod became the first man to rule the whole world.

Where does that come from?

Page 27:

The records of the genocide against the people of Shem are apparent throughout the archives of history, but there is not a school or university whose faculty will apprise its students of this simple fact. This in itself explains much which is usually dismissed as being “beyond explanation.” The reason or this odd development is that the descendants of Ham traditionally have usurped the educational process, through their earlier usurpation of the priesthood to carryon their Satanic work. They have controlled the educational system ever since, converting it to their own evil purposes. It is of even greater interest that not a single school of theology anywhere in the world takes note of this central fact of history, a red thread which runs continuously through the record of events.

Again, more unsupported assertions.

Page 27:

However, a much more important point, and one that has again been obscured or hidden by the priests who controlled the educational system throughout the last three thousand years, is the fact that it was Shem who founded and built the great civilization of Egypt.

Where the hell did he get that from?

Page 29:

Not only did the priests falsify the records of Shem, but they also succeeded in eliminating most of the subsequent history of his fair-skinned descendants, the Shemites, or, as they are sometimes called, the Semites.

It is not clear what lineage the bible classifies the fair-skinned descendants (whites), if they were even classified at all. If they did come from the line of Shem, they certainly did not come from the line of Jacob. Again Mullins needs to back up his claims. He certainly doesn’t mention that the Edomites also came from the line of Shem.

Page 32:

The Will of Canaan has always been concealed from them because it is the basic program of conspiracy and secret rites which enable the Canaanites to wreak their hatred upon the descendants of Shem.

Who has been wreaking havoc on whom? The fact is the Israelites, the descendants of Shem, have been brutally wreaking havoc on all the Gentiles. See my posts concerning the Books of Deuteronomy, Joshua, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel.

Page 35:

The prohibition against mingling with the demon-worshipping Canaanites remained one of God’s strongest commands. God said, “So shall we be separated, I and all of Thy people, from all the people that are upon the face of the earth” (Exodus 3:16).

In actuality God prohibited the Israelites from mingling with ANY FOREIGNER – not just the Canaanites which Mullins likes to demonize. For example in Ezra 10:10-11:

Then Ezra the priest stood up and said to them, “You have been unfaithful; you have married foreign women, adding to Israel’s guilt. Now honor the Lord, the God of your ancestors, and do his will. Separate yourselves from the peoples around you and from your foreign wives.”

This racism is promoted to this very day in Israel, where interracial marriages remain illegal.

Page 38:

The Canaanites were divided into the Amorites, Hittites, Moabites, Midianites, Philistines, Ammonites, Edomites, Zidonians, Sepharvaims, Perizzites, and affiliated tribes, all of which are routinely denounced in the Bible.

WRONG. The Ammonites, Moabites, and Edomites are descendants of Shem, not of Ham and certainly not of Canaan. Mullins hoped readers would not notice that because that would destroy his theory that the Shemites were the victims.

Page 38

The destructive nature of the Canaanites upon other nations in which they settled is nowhere more strongly demonstrated than in Egypt, the first land to be corrupted by their barbaric practices.

Again more examples of making an assertion without citing references. Now I’m not necessarily saying that Mullins has been making stuff out of thin air, though I believe a good bit of the book has been made up, but why does he not document these things? Where could I go to look for this material?

Page 40:

It was not long before the simple ceremonies of vice began to pall on the worshippers of Baal. They sought greater excitement in rites of human sacrifice and cannibalism, in which the torture and murder of small children were featured. To consolidate their power over the people, the priests of the Canaanites claimed that all firstborn children were owed to their demon gods, and they were given over for sacrifice. This lewd and barbaric practice was noted in Isaiah 57:3-5: “But you, draw near hither, sons of the sorceress, offspring of the adulterer and the harlot. Of whom are you making sport? Against whom make ye a wide mouth, and draw out the tongue? Are ye not children of transgression, a seed of falsehood? Inflaming yourself with idols under every green tree, slaying the children in the valleys under the cleft of the rocks?”

That passage in Isaiah does not refer specifically to the Canaanites. It refers to any group of people considered the enemies of the Israelites.

Though I only intended to cover chapter 1, an Amazon reviewer pointed out to this error in Chapter 2:

The first paragraph in Chapter 2 is in significant error. Tubal-cain was NOT Noah’s brother. Noah was born through a man named Lamech in Adam’s downline, not Cain’s downline. Cain’s downline had a man named Lamech too but not the same Lamech that was born of Methusaleh.

Quoting From the Bible out of Context

Mullins quote many things out of context from the bible, which is not unusual among con-artists. On page 37:

“But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe and to do all His commandments and His statutes which I command thee this day, that all these curses shall come upon thee and overtake thee: …. The stranger that is within thy gates [the Canaanites or their descendants-Ed.] shall get up above thee very high, and thou shalt come down very low. He shall lend to thee, and thou shall not lend to him; he shall be the head and thou shalt be the tail” (Deuteronomy 28: 15, 43-44).

Again, Mullins makes the Canaanites out to be the evil ones which is why he puts their name in the brackets when the actual intention of the verse is to ANY GENTILE. This is one of the most egregious pieces of disinformation in the book. What Chapter 28 (verses 15 to the end) of Deuteronomy is, is the lists of punishments that Yahweh threatens the Israelites if they do not heed all his commands as laid out under Mosaic Law. Among the commands are that of the extermination of all the native inhabitants of Canaan (which the Israelites plan to reside) which includes the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites. Also among the commands are that of a choice of enslavement or extermination to Gentiles who are not in the vicinity of where the Israelites reside. Deuteronomy 20:10-12, 15:

When you march up to attack a city, make its people an offer of peace. If they accept and open their gates, all the people in it shall be subject to forced labor and shall work for you. If they refuse to make peace and they engage you in battle, lay siege to that city … 15 This is how you are to treat all the cities that are at a distance from you and do not belong to the nations nearby.

The verses of Deuteronomy 28: 15, 43-44 that Mullins cites is actually Yahweh’s punishment to the Israelites that if they don’t enslave the Gentiles through usury, the Gentiles will enslave THEM through usury. Deuteronomy 28:12 is what Yahweh instructs the Israelites:

You will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. The Lord will make you the head, not the tail.

Deuteronomy 23:20 in the Living Torah:

Do not deduct advance interest from your brother, whether it is interest for money, interest for food, or interest for anything else for which interest is normally taken. Although you may take such interest from a gentile, you may not do so from your brother. If you keep this rule, God will bless you in all your endeavors on the land to which you are coming to occupy.

That paragraph right after Mullins’ Deuteronomy quote:

Certainly this is the situation which exists in the United States today. The Venetians control the Federal Reserve System; they lend to us, but we do not lend to them; they are the head, and we are the tail.

The Venetians control the Fed? Are you kidding me?


You really don’t need to read past the preface of this book. On the bottom of page 9 of the preface:

It is for this reason that politicians, of necessity, must become followers of Satan in the rebellion against God. Politicians must deceive the people in order to gain power over them, just as Satan must deceive the whole world if he is to continue his rebellion against God.

Though Mullins is correct that the ugly history of the struggles of the world is that of society fighting against a Satanic order, he absolves the real Satanists and points the finger at the wrong group of people. He like many in the controlled media, makes the enemies look like the good guys while making the victims out to be the perpetrators. If you have read any of my previous posts addressing the nature of the God (Yahweh) of the bible, you know that Yahweh is not the loving universal god that he is made out to be. In fact he is the exact opposite. Mullins is either a gatekeeper or a dupe. Unfortunately many have fallen for conman like him.

Mullins’ Bio

In forty years of dedicated investigative research, Eustace Mullins has drawn considerable return fire. He was kept under daily surveillance by agents of the FBI for thirty-two years; no charges were ever placed against him. He is the only person ever fired from the staff of the Library of Congress for political reasons. He is the only writer who has had a book burned in Europe since 1945. After serving thirty-eight months in the U. S. Army Air Force during World War II, Eustace Mullins was educated at Washington and Lee University, Ohio State University, University of North Dakota, and New York University.

I find it quite odd that for someone who’s been doing 40 years of investigative research, worked in the Library of Congress, and attended four different universities he has not been able to provide any sort of real documentation backing up his claims in Curse of Canaan. If you are presenting a piece of work that is highly revisionist and highly anti-mainstream then the burden is on you to make your case and you had better back up your claims carefully. He doesn’t. When you see “credentials” like that stated just above then you should immediately be suspicious. How does one with all those credentials have little in the way of actual research to show? Eustace Mullins has quite a fan base which is odd for someone who is anti-establishment. The man also lived to a ripe old age of 87. Go figure.


Whether a group of people such as the Canaanites actually existed, I don’t know. Much of the bible has been a fabrication of history. However the intentions are clear. Regardless whether the Canaanites actually practiced the things that Mullins states is not the point. The problem with Mullins is that he demonizes one group of people and make them look like the perpetrators, while excusing the real perpetrators. This is a classic Jewish tactic (I’m not saying Mullins is Jewish, though he may be a Shabbos Goy). We do know that the Israelites of the bible considers every Gentile neighbor as their enemy, including the Canaanites, with no exception. The Israelites in the bible invaded Canaan and stole their land. The same thing happened 70 years ago with the Jews stealing Palestinian land to create the state of Israel.

We have seen the Jewish media make Hitler and the Germans out to be the subhumans that they were not. Ditto the Arab-Muslims who the Jewish media has constantly denigrated since 9/11. The problem is not the Canaanites, the Edomites, the Moabites, or Jebusites. The problem is the Israelites who author after author has made them seem like the good guys. Now much of the stories of the bible were fabrications of history, but the point is that the stories are taken seriously by those who are in power.

Unfortunately people will continue to be duped by Judaeo-Christian gatekeepers such as Eustace Mullins, Michael Hoffman, Nathaniel Kapner, and E Michael Jones because it is easy to trick people with the bible. Most people have a very superficial understanding of it and have never examined it carefully. The main theme of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) is that of racial separatism. The bible requires that the Israelites MUST remain apart from everyone else. They must remain apart because they feel they are superior to everyone else and do not want to be tainted by “lesser” blood. Some feel that in order to remain separate, they must even exterminate their immediate neighbors to eliminate the risk of becoming assimilated. And in order to get the Israelites motivated to destroy their neighbors, they feel they must demonize their neighbors by spreading exaggerated fears of them as being dangerous and violent. That’s the reason why the bible vilify groups of people such as the Canaanites, Edomites, Moabites, or any other “ites”. They want to present them as dangerous subhuman savages so the Jews will continue to remain separate from them.

Zionist Control of America

Every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” – Ariel Sharon 10/3/01

Central banking

Banking and media control are the most important functions to control society. With central banking the entire nation can be controlled and major wars financed. The Federal Reserve System is privately owned and privately run. Because bankers primarily make their money off of interest, debt-binging, consumerism, and materialism are encouraged.

The idea of usury to enslave society has ancient roots. The Jews have always been good with money. This is illustrated in the bible and you don’t have to be a Christian to understand this. In fact the entire Jewish/gentile conflict goes back to at least biblical times. Jewish enslavement of Gentiles through usury is in Deuteronomy 23:20:

There are two other passages in Deuteronomy that permits the same. In the New Testament, John 2:13 illustrates Jesus’ intolerance for Jewish money-lending and capitalism:

And the passover of the Jews was at hand, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. And he found in the temple those that sold oxen and sheep and doves, and the changers of money sitting: and he made a scourge of cords, and cast all out of the temple, both the sheep and the oxen; and he poured out the changers money, and overthrew their tables; and to them that sold the doves he said, Take these things hence; make not my Father’s house a house of merchandise.

The Rothschilds are a powerful Jewish family. It is thought that nearly all countries (including the US) are indebted to this family. The Rothschild family got underway in banking during the 18th century in Germany and spread throughout Western Europe. They quickly became a dynasty.

Give me control of a nation’s money, and I care not who makes her laws.
  – Mayer Amschel Rothschild

The Rothschild Banking Clan

  • Rothschild Bank of London – JEWISH OWNED
  • Rothschild Bank of Berlin – JEWISH OWNED
  • Goldman Sachs Bank of New York – JEWISH OWNED
  • Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York/Shearson American Express – JEWISH OWNED
  • Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris – JEWISH OWNED
  • Israel Moses Sieff Banks of Italy – JEWISH OWNED
  • Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Germany – JEWISH OWNED
  • Warburg Bank of Amsterdam – JEWISH OWNED
  • Lehman Brothers Bank of New York (Defunct) – JEWISH OWNED
  • Chase Manhattan Bank of New York (David Rockefeller) – JEWISH OWNED

The New York Branch of the Federal Reserve is the one with all the power. These Banks Own Shares in that Branch:

  • First National Bank of New York – James Stillman – JEWISH
  • National City Bank, New York – Mary W. Harnman – JEWISH
  • National Bank of Commerce, New York – A.D. Jiullard – JEWISH
  • Hanover National Bank, New York – Jacob Schiff – JEWISH
  • Chase National Bank, New York – JEWISH OWNED

The last four Federal Reserve Chairmans have been Jews:

  • Janet Yellen
  • Ben Bernanke
  • Alan Greenspan
  • Paul Volcker

Current Federal Reserve governors (as of September 2017)

  • Janet Yellen – JEWISH
  • Lael Brainard – JEWISH
  • Stanley Fischer – JEWISH
  • Jerome H. Powell – non-Jewish

Previous governors

  • Benjamin S. Bernanke, Chairman – JEWISH
  • Donald L. Kohn – JEWISH
  • Kevin M. Warsh – JEWISH
  • Randall S. Kroszner – JEWISH
  • Frederic S. Mishkin – JEWISH

The 12 District Banks (Obama’s 1st term)

  • Boston: Eric S. Rosengren – JEWISH
  • New York: Timothy Geithner – JEWISH
  • Philadelphia: Charles I. Plosser – JEWISH
  • Richmond: Jeffrey M. Lacker – JEWISH
  • St. Louis: James B. Bullard – JEWISH
  • Minneapolis: Gary H. Stern – JEWISH
  • Kansas City: Thomas M. Hoenig – JEWISH
  • Dallas: Richard W. Fisher – JEWISH
  • San Francisco: Janet L. Yellen – JEWISH
  • Cleveland: Sandra Pianalto – non-Jew
  • Atlanta: Dennis P. Lockhart – non-Jew
  • Chicago: Charles L. Evans – non-Jew



The Media

“[T]here may be some truth in that if the Arabs have some complaints about my policy towards Israel, they have to realize that the Jews in the U. S. control the entire information and propaganda machine, the large newspapers, the motion pictures, radio and television, and the big companies, and there is a force that we have to take into consideration.” – Richard M Nixon

Henry Ford on Jewish Propaganda and Mind Control












Henry Ford warned America a hundred years ago in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion of impending tyranny. Protocol #12 on media control:

Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control. Even now this is being achieved by us due to the fact that all news items are received by only a few agencies, and their offices are a focal point for news coming in from all parts of the world. These agencies will already be entirely owned by us and will only publish what we dictate to them.


Disney – Michael Eisner (Ashkenazi Jew) – The largest of the media moguls. It also owns these subsidiaries:

  •    Touchstone/Buena Vista/Caravan/Hollywood Pictures – Joe Roth (Ashkenazi Jew)
  •    Miramax – Weinstein Brothers (Ashkenazi Jew)
  •    ESPN – Steven Bornstein (Ashkenazi Jew)
  •    ABC – Robert A. Iger (Ashkenazi Jew)

Time-Warner – Gerald Levin (Ashkenazi Jew) – The nation’s second largest media outlet. They own the following:

  •     Warner Brothers Records – Danny Goldberg (Ashkenazi Jew)
  •     HBO – Richard Plepler (Ashkenazi Jew)
  •     Warnervision – Stuart Hersch (Ashkenazi Jew)
  •     Time Warner’s publishing – Norman Pearlstine (Ashkenazi Jew) – largest magazine publisher in the nation

When Ted Turner, a Gentile, made a bid to buy CBS in 1985, there was panic in media boardrooms across the nation. Turner made a fortune in advertising and then had built a successful cable-TV news network, CNN. Although Turner employed a number of Jews in key executive positions in CNN and had never taken public positions contrary to Jewish interests, he is a man with a large ego and a strong personality and was regarded by Chairman William Paley (real name Palinsky, a Jew) and the other Jews at CBS as uncontrollable: a loose cannon who might at some time in the future turn against them. Furthermore, Jewish newsman Daniel Schorr, who had worked for Turner, publicly charged that his former boss held a personal dislike for Jews. To block Turner’s bid, CBS executives invited billionaire Jewish theater, hotel, insurance, and cigarette magnate Laurence Tisch to launch a “friendly” takeover of the company, and from 1986 till 1995 Tisch was the chairman and CEO of CBS, removing any threat of non-Jewish influence there. Subsequent efforts by Turner to acquire a major network have been obstructed by Levin’s Time Warner, which owns nearly 20 percent of CBS stock and has veto power over major deals.

ViacomMurray Rothstein (Ashkenazi Jew) – The nation’s third largest media outlet. They operate the following:

  • CBS – Les Moonves (Ashkenazi Jew)
  • Paramount Pictures – Sherry Lansing (Ashkenazi Jew)
  • Prentice Hall and Simon & Schuster
  • Showtime, MTV, and Nickelodeon

News Corporation – Rupert Murdoch (Gentile, however a strong supporter of Zionism) – The nation’s fourth largest media outlet. They operate the following:

  • Fox TV
  • Fox 20th Century Studios

Sony Corporation of America – Michael Schulhof (Ashkenazi Jew) – The nation’s fifth largest media outlet.

Comcast – Brian L. Roberts (Ashkenazi Jew) – also owns the following:

  • NBC Universal – Robert Greenblatt (Ashkenazi Jew)
  • Xfinity – Dave Watson (probable Gentile)
  • Dreamworks – Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, David Geffen (all three are Jews)

Newhouse – Newhouse brothers (Ashkenazi Jews) – owns the following:

  • Random House – largest trade book publishers
  • Newhouse Broadcasting – 26 daily newspapers, 12 broadcasting channels
  • New Yorker, Vogue, Madmoiselle, Glamour, Vanity Fair, Bride’s, Gentlemen’s Quarterly, Self, House & Garden

As of 2013 BOTH the presidents and CEOs of the following studios were Jews:

  • Columbia Pictures
  • Dreamworks
  • Touchstone
  • Paramount
  • Miramax
  • MGM
  • Pixar
  • HBO


  • New World Entertainment – Ronald Perelman (Ashkenazi Jew)
  • Seagram – Edgar Bronfman Jr (Ashkenazi Jew) – also owns PolyGram and Universal Studios


  • Wikipedia – Jimmy Wales (Ashkenazi Jew)
  • Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg – (Ashkenazi Jew)
  • Yahoo – Marissa Mayer /CEO (Ashkenazi Jew)
  • Google – Sergy Brin & Larry Page (both Ashkenazi Jews)
  • Youtube – Susan Wojcicki (Ashkenazi Jew) &

I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe “the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,” down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.

– Joel Stein, LA Times 12/19/08


Alternative News

The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

This topic would require a whole new article, which I may write about in the future. Just like mainstream media, much of the alternative media is Jewish controlled or influenced as well. Even worse is the pervasive attitude that because it’s internet media, it can be trusted. A prime example of Jewish control over alternative news is that of Alex Jones‘ Infowars. Infowars is one of the most popular alt-news sites on the web. The very purpose of folks like Alex Jones is to steer you away from those who are actually pulling the strings. An entire book could be written exposing this man. Infowars has at least 34 Jewish sponsors. At the very least AJ cannot discuss the Jewish question because his sponsors would defect on him.


Civil Rights

NAACPHoward Sachar writes in A History of Jews in America that “In 1914, Professor Emeritus Joel Spingarn of Columbia University became chairman of the NAACP and recruited for its board such Jewish leaders as Jacob Schiff, Jacob Billikopf, and Rabbi Stephen Wise.”Additional Jewish-American founding members included Julius Rosenwald, Lillian Wald, and Rabbi Emil G. Hirsch. Wikipedia states that every president of the NAACP from 1915 to 1975 was Jewish. It is notable that Marcus Garvey, who is black, quit the NAACP in 1917 calling it a “white organization.” Between two-thirds and three-quarters of the funding for civil rights groups during the 1960s, the height of the civil rights movement, were by Jews.

ADL – One of the most influential organizations in the US. The ADL is constantly lobbying for ‘hate crime laws’, internet censorship, laws against Christian symbols in public places, actively promoting race mixing and homosexuality (though not for Jews/Israel). All 53 senior executives and directors of the ADL are Jewish.

SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) – Founded in 1971 by Jewish lawyer Joe Levin and Morris Seligman Dees (not Jewish but born into a philosemitic family who gave him his Jewish first name after Joseph Seligman; president Lincoln’s Jewish banker), currently headed by Julian Bond (black, communist sympathiser. Bond’s father’s first experience with racism in 1916 was with a Jew.)

Two of the center’s most well known activists are Mark Potok and Heidi Beirich. (both Jewish) Alexander Zaitchik is a former SPLC operative who now continues doing the SPLC’s work in another context. The SPLC has a long-standing reputation for manipulating statistics and exaggerating the extent of “racism” or “hate” in America. The group earns millions a year by making false claims about ‘hate groups’ and the dangers they pose to America.

ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) – Most thinking people know that the American Civil Liberties Union is vehemently anti-Christian. What they don’t know is that 3 of 6 of ACLU’s top national leaders are liberal Jewish activists. Although ACLU’s executive director, Anthony D. Romero, is an in-your-face Hispanic homosexual, second in command is Nadine Strossen, Jewish. She was given the ‘Woman of Distinction’ award from the Women’s League of Conservative Judaism and the ‘Women who Dared’ award from the National Council of Jewish Women. A member of the Council on Foreign Relations, she is married to Eli M. Noam, professor and founding director of Columbia University’s Institute for Tele-Information. Third in command at ACLU is legal counsel Steven Shapiro. As the legal mastermind of ACLU, he may well wield greatest power. Shapiro commands an army of 90 full-time lawyers, maintaining an active docket of cases harassing the public expression of Christian values across America.


The Presidency

Politics has nothing to do with morals. Anyone who tries to govern according to morals is a moron and unsuitable for office. A true politician must resort to cunning and lies if he expects to get anywhere. Great qualities such as honesty and integrity are a burden for any ruler. Anyone in politics who decides to start behaving like this – their career will be over before they know it.

Protocol #1 of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

The president is merely a puppet and not in real control of things. This may also answer the fact that you have the freedom to criticize the president but not the group of people who are actually in charge. Think about this the next time you vote. The advisers to the president are un-elected.

There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican parties.”

– George Wallace

Top 10 Donors to Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential Campaign

  • Sheldon Adelson (Ashkenazic Jew) – $25 million – it should be noted that this man in 2013 said “Obama should fire nuke to send message to Iran”
    Robert Mercer (Ashkenazic Jew) – $13.5 million
    Bernard Marcus (Ashkenazic Jew) – $7 million
    Linda McMahon (North European) – $7 million
    Geoffrey Palmer (Ashkenazic Jew) – $5 million
  • Ronald Cameron (North European) – $2 million
    Robert McNair (North European) – $2 million
    Stephen Feinberg (Ashkenazic Jew) – $1.5 million
    Peter Thiel (Ashkenazic Jew) – $1.2 million
    Walter Buckley, Jr. (North European) – $1 million

Top 10 Donors to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign

  • Haim & Cheryl Saban (Ashkenazic Jew) – $10 million
  • George Soros (Ashkenazic Jew) – $7 million
  • James Simons (Ashkenazic Jew) – $7 million
  • J.B. & Mary Kathryn Pritzker (Ashkenazic Jew) – $6.5 million
  • Donald Sussman (Ashkenazic Jew) – $4 million
  • Laure Woods (Ashkenazic Jew) – $3.3 million
  • Daniel Abraham (Ashkenazic Jew) – $3 million
  • Herbert Sandler (Ashkenazic Jew) – $2.5 million
  • David Shaw (Ashkenazic Jew) – $2.25 million
  • Henfy Laufer (Ashkenazic Jew) – $2 million

Former President Obama’s Chief of Staffs & Senior Advisors

  • Denis McDonough (Northern European) – Chief of Staff
  • Jacob “Jack” J. Lew (Ashkenazi Jew) – Chief of Staff
  • William M. Daley (White Gentile) – Former Chief of Staff
  • Rahm I. Emanuel (Ashkenazi Jew) – Former Chief of Staff
  • Nancy-Ann M. DeParle (Jewish spouse: Jason DeParle) – Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Alyssa Mastromonaco (Jewish spouse: David Krone) – Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Jim Messina (White Gentile) – Former Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Mona K. Sutphen (Ashkenazi Jew/African-American) – Former Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Valerie B. Jarrett [Bowman] (Ashkenazi Jew/African-American) – Senior Advisor
  • David Plouffe (Ashkenazi Jew) – Senior Advisor
  • David M. Axelrod (Ashkenazi Jew) – Former Senior Advisor
  • Peter M. Rouse (Ashkenazi Jew/Japanese) – Counselor to the President


Dual US/Israel Citizens Under Bush

These members have been predominantly responsible for abetting the “War on Terror”. All are Jews and all are dual citizens:

Michael Chertoff – (Homeland Security) co-author of the Patriot Act

Richard Perle – (Chairman Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board) expelled from Senator Henry Jackson’s office in the 70’s after the NSA caught him passing Highly-Classified documents to the Israeli Embassy. Pro-Iraq war fanatic.

Paul Wolfowitz – (Deputy Defense Secretary) was the number two leader within the administration behind the Iraq war mongering

Douglas Feith – (Under Secretary of Defense) is closely associated with the Zionist Organization of America, which even attacks Jews that don’t agree with its extremist views

Elliott Abrams – (National Security Council Advisor) played an important role in the Iran-Contra Scandal, which involved illegally selling U.S. weapons to Iran to fight Iraq

“Scooter” Libby – (Vice President Chief of Staff) was recently found guilty of lying to Federal investigators in the Valerie Plame affair, in which Plame, a covert CIA agent, was exposed for political revenge by the Bush administration following her husband’s revelations about the lies leading to the Iraq War.

Joshua Bolten – (White House Deputy Chief of Staff) accused Syria of having a nuclear program, so that they can attack Syria after Iraq

Ari Fleischer – (White House Spokesman) is closely connected to Chabad Lubavitch Hasidics, who follow the Kabbalah, and hold very extremist and insulting views of non-Jews

Henry Kissinger – (Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board) responsible for wars that killed up to 6 million in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia during the 1970s

Eliot Cohen – (Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board) openly admitted his hatred of Islam claiming that Islam should be the enemy, not terrorism

David Frum – (Bush’s speechwriter) writer behind the “Axis of Evil” label. He lumped together all the lies and accusations against Iraq for Bush to justify the war

Dov Zakheim – (foreign policy adviser) advocated the necessity for a Pearl-Harbor-like incident to mobilize the country into war with its enemies, mostly Middle Eastern nations

Alex Jones, the Controlled Opposition Shill

Alex Jones is one of the biggest names in alternative media. Who is Alex Jones really loyal to? Jones’ Infowars has at least 34 Jewish sponsors:


Corey Gold (Ashkenazi Jew) – Co-Owner / Operator
Ben Fuchs (Ashkenazi Jew) – Co-Owner / Operator
Joel Wallach (Ashkenazi Jew) – Co-Owner / Operator

Survival Shield

Edward Group (Ashkenazi Jew) – Founder / CEO


Steve Steinway (Ashkenazi Jew) – CEO

Rick Olshansky (Ashkenazi Jew) – Chairman

Efoods Direct

Steve Shenk (Ashkenazi Jew) – President / Co-Founder

Atlas Survival Shelters

Ron Hubbard (Ashkenazi Jew) – Founder / President / CEO

Solutions From Science

Bill Heid (Ashkenazi Jew) – CEO

Cal Ben Soap

Marty Schachter(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner / Spokesman


Henri-James Tieleman(Ashkenazi Jew) – CEO / Co-Founder

Oxy Silver

Leonard G. Horowitz(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner / Operator

Super Natural Silver

William Moeller(Ashkenazi Jew) – President
Keith Moeller(Ashkenazi Jew) – Vice President

Clifton Mining Company

Ken Friedman(Ashkenazi Jew) – President
Keith Moeller(Ashkenazi Jew) – Vice President

The International Forecaster

Bob Chapman(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner / Editor [deceased June, 2012]

Strategic Patent Law

Russ Weinzimmer(Ashkenazi Jew) – Founding Attorney


Chad Laurans(Ashkenazi Jew) – Founder and CEO

GBG (“Guided By God”)

Stuart Finger (Ashkenazi Jew) – CEO

S.O.S. System

Herb Kay (Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner / Operator

Power Swabs

Martin Giniger (Ashkenazi Jew) – Founder and Owner

Chef Minute Meals

Barry Sendel (Ashkenazi Jew) – President

Tru Chocolate

Joel Wallach(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner / Operator

Raw Organic Vegan Superfoods

David Wolfe (Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner / Operator

Cocoon Nutrition

Stephen Heuer (Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner / Operator

Natural Cellular Defense

Rik Deitsch (Ashkenazi Jew) – CEO / Chairman


David R. Friedman(Ashkenazi Jew) – CEO / President

Life Change Tea

Dr. Bill Miller(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner / Operator

Heart And Body Extract

Sharon Harris(Ashkenazi Jew) – President

Sex Research Labs

Richard Geller(Ashkenazi Jew) – CEO

Reboot Marketing

Allen Baler(Ashkenazi Jew) – Partner

Anti-Christ Identity Report

Mel Sanger (Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner / Operator

Cancer Truth

Ty Bollinger(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner / Operator

Self Defense Company

Damian Ross(Ashkenazi Jew) – CEO

J & L Self Defense Products

Irv Miller(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner


Richard Ostrow(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner / CEO

Blue Tax

Todd Lewis(Ashkenazi Jew) – Vice President

Carl Engler(Ashkenazi Jew) – President

Pre-Paid Legal Services

Allen L. Schultz(Ashkenazi Jew) – Owner/Operator


Infowars is classic controlled opposition. Both political parties along with Infowars are funded by the same group of people.

Introducing David Cole-Stein, a Jewish Holocaust Revisionist

by Alex Gore

Holocaust and WWII revisionists are derided as being Neo-Nazis, hatemongers, and anti-Semites. I started looking into holocaust revisionism about three years ago. At that time I was just starting to research conspiracies. Before then, I believed the official Holocaust story just like most everyone else. I even visited Auschwitz back in 2009 and came away angry and emotional. I guess today, I’m still angry, but for a different reason. Much of the story of the Holocaust just does not add up. Listen to at least the first few minutes of the interview below between David Cole and Ryan Dawson. David Cole, the so-called Holocaust “denier”, is far from the hateful image that we have of revisionists. Revisionists do not claim that no Jews died or that there were not horrible conditions in the camps. They all agree that Jews did die during WWII. How much is anyone’s guess but they mainly agree that it’s far less than the six million number. What revisionists argue is there are numerous contradictions in the official story. Those defending the Holocaust story have not been able to argue with the revisionists. They have instead resorted to smear campaigns and even violence to anybody who questions it.


The Creation of Christianity and the 2000 Year Battle Against the Jews

by Alex Gore

The Jews and Gentiles have been at war with each other for a very long time and I believe that Christianity came about as a way of dealing with the Jews. This is my conclusion after studying some of the Christian and Jewish scriptures. Josesph Atwill’s Caesar’s Messiah convinced me even further. Atwill illustrates that the New Testament Gospels actually parallels the military campaigns of Rome’s Titus Flavius, from Galilee to Jerusalem.


9/11 Official Story Full of Holes – The Collapse of WTC-7

by Alex Drone

It’s little wonder why the WTC 7 building is not discussed in the media. WTC 7 is the “Achilles’s heel” of the 9/11 official story. While media attention has centered around the Twin Towers and Pentagon, few people know much about Building 7. This 47-story building collapsed in the late afternoon of September 11. If you showed a video of WTC 7 collapsing to a random person who didn’t know what he was looking at and quizzed him what he thinks the cause was, I would say there’s a 95+ percent chance he wouldn’t say fire. However, the official account was that fires caused this building to go down. I suggest you watch the following video:


The Untold Story of White Slavery in America



by Alex Gore

White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain’s White Slaves in America, New York University Press, 2008.

I picked up White Cargo from an estate sale a couple months ago. I noted it in my post titled “Conspiracy Library”. I actually sat down and read it. White Cargo discusses white slavery of the time period from Britain’s first settlement in Jamestown during the early 17th century to America’s war with Britain during the late 18th century. The focus is mainly on Virginia and Maryland, where that form of slavery was the most pervasive.

Though what we were taught in school about the harsh treatment of black slaves was largely true, what was not mentioned were the many whites who were subject to the same treatment as well. This was totally omitted from our textbooks. White slaves (mainly British and Irish) were crammed on ships during transports, were auctioned off upon arrival, were subject to constant beatings and whipping while on the plantations, were malnourished, had few rights, and had their children taken away. Does this not sound similar to what we were taught about black slavery? Euphemistically white slavery was referred to as `indentured servitude’. Indentured servitude was in fact slavery. Many never lived to see freedom as they died either of disease or exhaustion before their time was up.


the real Syrian Free Press

War Press Info ~ Archive of Most Important Reliable Global War News

Levant Report

the Real Middle East, debunking the sound bites

Questioning Japanese History

Subjecting the Official History to Scrutiny