Why I Believe the Free Markets Empower Con-Artists

I used to be a big believer in the free-markets. For years I followed the Austrian School of libertarian free-market economics and read books by the likes of Murray Rothbard and Harry Browne. Proponents of libertarianism believe that the free markets are self-regulating and that the markets punish those who engage in corruption. They place strong emphasis on the individual and that the individual takes full responsibilities for their action and any consequences that arise from it.

Libertarianism is one of those ideologies that sound good in theory but is ultimately unworkable in all but the simplest societies. I’ve concluded that a libertarian society is in fact detrimental to the well being of a society over the long run. One thing I’ve noticed that free-market proponents shy away from is that of addressing actual human behavior. They rarely address the human and emotional side of things and the fact that humans evolved as social animals interdependent among one another. We did not evolve in a glass tube. We are not robots. We get emotional when listening to a touching speech and we get angry when someone cheats us. In particular humans have a huge weakness when it comes to recognizing and avoiding psychological manipulation – especially ones that exploit our emotions of fear and greed. No one is immune from this – not even libertarians who are considered among the most rational of all.

Now I believe that the free markets work well when it comes to goods and services that you can easily make rational decisions in regards to it’s quality and utility. However when it comes to goods, services, and entities that are exploitive of your psychological weaknesses we need something that protects society from those menaces. We need safeguards to protect the long-term interests of the people. When profits are the sole motive an entity exists, there will always be corruption. As for the con-artist(s), the reason they exist is to exploit you in order to gain money or power or to get you to support an agenda.

It was my investigation of Jeff Berwick’s series of scams that caught my attention and got me thinking about this matter. Berwick is a popular libertarian activist out of Canada who has been pushing all sorts of controversial services such as marketing fake passports and selling land in South America at huge markups. He runs the site dollarvigilante.com. Berwick promoted a supposed libertarian paradise called Galts Gulch Chile that was to be a haven for libertarian-minded folks who wanted to escape the “tyranny” of government. There had been numerous reports that Berwick did not fall through on his end of the deal and fleeced his investors out of millions of dollars.

Almost all of the buyers and investors into GGC – 73 families paid in over $10 million – are libertarian and as such they have been attacked publicly as rich, greedy misanthropes who were so hopelessly naive as to think they were escaping the government by moving to Chile. Being libertarians, many of GGC’s investors were against the use of government courts to correct the injustices and receive the property they paid for. But what they found was that there simply was no other way to regain their stolen property without doing so. —-Jeff Berwick, realizing why government exists for the first time

Among the main reasons why folks such as Jeff Berwick and Doug Casey chose to do business in South America was to escape the legal jurisdictions of Canada and the US. In that way fleeced investors cannot easily go after them. Mike Stathis on Jeff Berwick at the 20:50 mark:

The Gold Pumping Network

Gold pumpers are another example of swindlers thriving in a free-market society. Now while I do believe in the importance of owning some precious metals I never jumped on the “imminent dollar collapse” and “gold to the moon” bandwagon. In fact I believed that hyperinflation was impossible because of the record low interest rate environment. The gold pumpers never addressed that.

The gold pumping movement is a cartel. It is a mafia. Folks like Peter Schiff, Jeff Berwick, Max Keiser, Doug Casey, and others interview each other and promote and sponsor each other’s products and services. To no surprise the message from each one of those folks sound the exact same. Gold is going to the moon! The dollar is gonna collapse! Chances are if the average viewer is on a Peter Schiff site they will also be assessing a number of other gold and libertarian sites, which will more or less be saying the same thing. The two most effective tools of media propaganda is the “flooding approach” and painting the issue as “black and white”. The flooding technique involves getting the message or story exposed on as many media channels possible. In painting the issue black and white, the idea is to repeat the story in the same way across as many mediums as possible so as to leave no doubt in the viewer’s mind. The gold pumpers have their target audience in mind. They market their services primarily to those who are skeptical of the establishment, the banking system, and the government.

Among the most effective propaganda techniques is to take some bits of truth and completely blow them up and out of proportion to the actual reality. We all know the Fed is corrupt. We all know Wall Street is run by a bunch of crooks. Con-artists tell you what you want to hear. They pretend to be your friend and after your best interests. Con-artists are especially effective when they promote their message through fear-mongering. Jeff Berwick’s Dollar Vigilante website’s slogan is “surviving and prospering during and after the dollar collapse“.

The fact is the gold dealers are making huge money off of commissions and they continue to enjoy the doomsday programming that have saturated the alternative media. They don’t care about being right. All they care about is taking your money.

Mass Media

Mass media is the biggest source of mass deception. This includes not just the mainstream media but probably much of the alternative media as well. The propaganda techniques of mass media is the same as those listed just above. When it comes to the media we have been conditioned to look just at the surface. Most of us simply listen and digest literally what comes out of the mouths of those media personalities without stopping to think about what purpose those people and organizations serve. Why are they telling you this or that? Are they really on your side or are they doing it for money? And if it’s money who is funding them? Do those programs have sponsors? Who are their sponsors and what other organizations are the sponsors affiliated with?

Religious hucksters and Cult leaders

Organized religion is one of the most powerful tools of societal control and one that the establishment uses very effectively. Hucksters and cult leaders spreading fear of punishment by a supernatural deity if you don’t do this or that gets people to react in ways they wouldn’t otherwise do. The susceptibility to believe in magic, miracles, and the supernatural may even be genetic. If this is so, it is easy to see how so many can get duped and swindled by those with bad intentions. Propagated on a mass scale, it is an excellent way of undermining the existing order of society. Jim Jones, who headed the Peoples Temple in which 918 members committed suicide, is probably the most well known cultist who used religion to exploit his followers.


Savvy con-artists get rewarded by the free markets. Con-artists who make their scheming and deception obvious get punished by the free-markets while those who do the best job of hiding their deception thrive. Con-artists like Peter Schiff are rock stars. He is a celebrity, a media darling, and a best selling author. Schiff has a net worth of $70 million. He got rich despite being consistently wrong on the markets and despite losing a lot of money for his investors. But does it really matter? What matters is that Schiff was able to successfully funnel money out of his sheep and become rich.



Jews and the Promotion of Radical Individualism

Jews have been at the forefront of the promotion of “radical individualism”. What is referred to as radical individualism is people acting in ways that is harmful to the community. In other words it is people acting purely in their self-interest with little to no regard for their fellow men. It places the individual above the group. Jews have been promoting greed, materialism, the idea of self-importance, and the “every man for himself” mentality. They do not want to promote the type of individualism that encourages “thinking outside the box”. The Jewish-controlled media promote ideas that degenerate society through sex and pornography, interracial marriages, homosexuality, and feminism. Jews hate the idea of organization – that is Gentiles being organized. Yet they encourage their own people to remain as fiercely organized as possible.  Jews have the habit of promoting to the gentiles the exact opposite of what they themselves practice.

Libertarianism and anarchy are two ideologies that have a heavy concentration of Jewish leadership and are radically individualistic. Adam Kokesh is probably the most well-known person in the anarchy movement. The Austrian School of Economics, which promotes the abolishment of government, was founded in recognition of Ludwig Von Mises, a Jew. Some of the most prominent members of that school are Jewish including Murray Rothbard, Walter Block, George Reisman, and David Friedman.

Why Do Jews Push For Radical Individualism?

In the long run, radical individualism among gentiles and the fragmentation of gentile culture offer a superior environment for Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy, and this is indeed an important direction of current Jewish intellectual and political activity. – Kevin MacDonald in Culture of Critique

Jews are terrified of Gentile solidarity. They see gentile solidarity and gentile governments as highly opposed to Jewish interests. Indeed gentile solidarity has been primarily responsible for the persecution and expulsion of Jews over much of their history throughout Europe and other parts of the world. Leaders such as Adolph Hitler may have been the most well known man to organize a group of people. Jews have seen Arabs, who are among the most ethnocentric people in the world, as a major threat to the security of Israel and the Jewish people.

The reasons for the repeated expulsion and persecution of the Jews has much to do with the way Gentiles viewed Jewish behavior. They saw Jews as being exploiters. They saw Jews as being overly-competitive and putting Gentiles out of business. They wanted government to do something about this. Jews on the other hand have seen gentiles as getting in their way and limiting their full potential.

Individuals are little threat to highly-organized groups such as the Jews because individuals tend to mind their own business and work primarily towards personal goals. Individuals see it more as a burden than a duty to act in the interest of the people and the community. Individuals are less likely to practice racism and discrimination. In fact under free-market capitalism, a system that encourages a high amount of individualism, participants are punished for discrimination. Discrimination against potential customers harms profits which is the number one driving force under capitalism.

Another reason why Jews push for radical individualism is that individuals are more likely to spend money and be selfish with it. Because the banking and financial system is primarily Jewish owned and run they want people to spend and borrow as much as possible. They are particularly interested in transferring wealth and resources from the hands of Gentiles to the hands of Jews. Organized groups are far more efficient when it comes to sharing resources with one another. They see selfishness as harmful to group interests. On the other hand individualists are more likely to depend on the system for their needs. They are more likely to live a discrete atomized lifestyle and are primarily concerned for themselves. Look at the way Mexicans in the US go about their daily lives. Mexicans are experts in networking. A lot of Mexicans only do business with other Mexicans and avoid the “system”. I personally know of a Mexican family who run a lucrative home rental business and do not even use a bank.



Part II : Jews and the Libertarian Movement – Open Borders

by Alex Gore

Now I’ve discussed in Part I why free-market capitalism has benefited Jews. In this part I’m going to discuss how open border policies have benefited Jews. Some of this overlaps with my previous post – The Mises Institute and Open Borders. Jews have historically been overwhelmingly for open borders. Chapter 7 of Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique is a good read. There are five reasons I can think of why Jews are for open borders:

  1. Historically anti-semitic movements have occurred in a homogeneous society where people are of the same race, religion, or beliefs
  2. Jews feel more comfortable in a multicultural society and highly ethnocentric people, such as the Jews, tend to have an exaggerated perception of discrimination and racism. They often perceive it when none actually exists. I participate in libertarian message boards from time to time and you can usually spot the Jew by their reactions to criticisms. For example, there was an article on Mises on why the mainstream media was so bad. I responded as below:

Now me being a minority myself , I prefer to live in a multicultural society. Though I generally have conservative beliefs, I prefer to live in an area that is diverse with different races and background. I’m sure Jews feel the same way.

3. The mixing of races such as in interracial marriages is usually dysgenic and creates an increasing gap between the ruling class and their subjects

4. As revenge against the European people for past “anti-semitic” practices by fragmenting their societies.

5. The destruction of culture and tradition that stands in the way of materialism, capitalism, and money-making opportunities for the Jewish banking and business elites.

But even freedom might be harmless and have its place in the State economy without injury to the well-being of the peoples if it rested upon the foundation of faith in God, upon the brotherhood of humanity, unconnected with the conception of equality, which is negatived by the very laws of creation, for they have established subordination. With such a faith as this a people might be governed by a wardship of parishes, and would walk contentedly and humbly under the guiding hand of its spiritual pastor submitting to the dispositions of God upon earth. This is the reason why it is indispensable for us to undermine all faith, to tear out of the mind of the “goyim” the very principle of god-head and the spirit, and to put in its place arithmetical calculations and material needs.

– The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

Libertarian Christians such as Gary North has tried to justify usury and capitalism in the bible. In actuality, the only places in the bible where usury is justified is that of Jews to their enemies – the Gentiles. For instance, Deuteronomy 23:20

Now getting back to the original topic. As Brenton Sanderson illustrates in Free to Lose: Whites, Jews, and Libertarianism (Occidental Quarterly, Fall 2011), Jews have been hypocritically for open borders for the West but closed borders for Israel. Jewish libertarians are no exception:

(Milton) Friedman’s position with regard to immigration to the US was that, providing that immigrants (from whatever racial or cultural source) are entering the nation to take up employment, as opposed to state welfare, there is no rational reason to oppose that immigration . . . (However) the apparent attraction of non-discriminatory immigration for Friedman did not extend to the state of Israel. While Friedman frequently railed against the socialist tendencies of various Israeli governments, he was a strong supporter of the ethno-state of Israel, and there is no record of him ever noticing Israel’s racially-restrictive immigration policy — much less decrying it. This surely demonstrates that in such matters the ingroup moral criterion of whether it was “good for the Jews” surpassed his universal libertarian commitment to the supposed benefits of a free and open immigration policy.

Ayn Rand demonstrated an even greater capacity for hypocrisy with her attitude toward respective manifestations of White and Jewish ethnocentrism. She declared that “there is no such thing as a collective or racial achievement” and espoused the moral superiority of her type of individualism which “regards man — every man — as an independent, sovereign entity who possesses an inalienable right to his own life, a right derived from his nature as a rational being.” For Rand, however, “every man” ostensibly did not include the Arabs in their conflict with Israel. Instead she regarded the fight between Israel and the Arabs as fight  between civilized men and savages. Appearing on Donahue in 1979 she declared that: “If you mean whose side should you be on — Israel or the Arabs? I would certainly say Israel because it’s the advanced, technological, civilized country amidst a group of almost totally primitive savages who have not changed for years and who are racist and who resent Israel because it’s bringing industry and intelligence and modern technology into their stagnation.”

It’s no surprise that libertarians being overwhelmingly white and individualistic have a soft spot for open borders. They easily buy into the mainstream mantra that “race is only skin deep”. I’ve argued on the boards with libertarians on matters such as racial differences and open borders. They normally come across as either hostile or in complete denial. Libertarians for the most part are also clueless about an NWO conspiracy.

Libertarians are usually against all authority including religious, parental, and of course the state which benefits the Jewish elites. I myself was a longtime libertarian but I’ve only recently discovered that I was being duped. Libertarians seldom point to any sort of ruling class, let alone a Jewish ruling class. The libertarian movement is essentially a giant gatekeeping operation that actually protects the establishment. They do this by misdirecting your attention towards blaming the government instead of those actually pulling the strings. The government is merely a tool that the establishment uses to enslave the masses. Take a look at the articles on the Mises website. The vast majority is just recycled mainstream media stuff disguised as promoting your freedom and liberty. The following are examples of their disinformation on race and immigration:

Migrants from Other States Are “Stealing Our Jobs”

The Economic Evil of Eugenics

The Racist History of Minimum Wage Laws

Though the three founders of the Austrian School of Economics were Gentile-Austrians, there’s little that’s Austrian about the Institute anymore. It should really be called the Jewish School of Economics:

Von Mises was funded by the Rockefellers.

Many readers may be surprised to learn the extent to which the Graduate Institute and then Mises himself in the years immediately after he came to United States were kept afloat financially through generous grants from the Rockefeller Foundation. In fact, for the first years of Mises’s life in the United States, before his appointment as a visiting professor in the Graduate School of Business Administration at New York University (NYU) in 1945, he was almost totally dependent on annual research grants from the Rockefeller Foundation. Even after he finally landed the position at NYU, where he remained only a visiting professor until his retirement in 1969, his salary was paid for not by NYU, but from funds contributed by generous private supporters.

Richard M. Ebeling of the Independent Review

 – Alex Gore

Part I : Jews and the Libertarian Movement – Capitalism

by Alex Gore

Libertarians in general are against the concept of government. I myself had been a big fan of the libertarian movement for many years. I’ve read a number of books by the Ludwig Von Mises Institute such as Man, Economy, and State by Murray Rothbard and Human Action by Ludwig Von Mises. I’ve also read Why Government Doesn’t Work by Harry Browne. However what I once supported has got me questioning major aspects of it. I now believe too much freedom is not really a good thing and there should be limits. Unlimited freedom ends up turning into despotism.

The one big issue that is almost never discussed among free-market capitalists and libertarians is that of RACE. And the fact that it is almost never discussed is probably the worst kept secret of libertarianism. Libertarians want to act like there is no such thing as race and like the mainstream they believe that race is just skin deep. The fact is, by discussing race realities, the whole foundation of libertarianism would crumble.

As I explained in my post, Jews and the Multicultural Movement, there are actually genetic and biological differences among the races in terms of IQ, aggressiveness, propensity towards committing acts of violence, the treatment of the outgroup, and ethnocentricism. Blacks, Arabs, and Jews, to name a few, are considered ethnocentric – meaning they are cohesive and have a “brotherly” attachment to members of their own kind. They practice a “natural” socialism. These people’s tribalism likely evolved through thousands of years of conflict with enemy groups in which strength in numbers was crucial to survival. I personally have visited a number of Arab countries, where in the markets all the shoe sellers would congregate in one area of the market and sell the same shoes for the same price. That’s the same for sellers of jewelry, clothing, produce, etc. Getting ahead of your competitors by, for example, undercutting is considered an offense. The attitude is that everyone (in their group) should be on the same level.

Caucasians on the other hand evolved in the sparsely populated cold north where dealing with the climate was of more importance than dealing with tribal conflict. They have highly individualistic tendencies. They value personal achievements over group based ones. That’s a major reason why the standard of living is much higher in the West than most anywhere else. European-based people are natural born competitors. They don’t mind putting their fellow whites out of business (unless it is their immediate neighbors of course). I would say they are natural born libertarians as well. Unfortunately their individualistic tendencies and relative compassion for outsiders mean they have little ethnic defense against strongly cohesive people. This is the paradox of libertarianism which stresses individualism. When it comes to conflict – group based strategies will almost always win out against individually based ones. That is evident in the US which over the past 100 years has gone from a relatively free society to ones ruled by despots that have little in common with the citizens they rule over. We essentially have a mafia that runs things. European-based people are able to be pushed around without fear of them fighting back. On the other hand, Middle Eastern societies, (both Arab and Jewish) with their strong ingroup-outgroup barriers, have done a far better job of containing unwanted elements than Western societies.

Now what do Jews have to do with libertarianism? And why are there so many prominent Jews in the libertarian movement (think Ludwig Von Mises, Milton Friedman, Murray Rothbard, Ayn Rand, and Stefan Molyneux)? Brenton Sanderson in The Occidental Quarterly (vol 11, no 3, Fall 2011) answered those questions in Free to Lose: Jews, Whites, and Libertarianism. Quoting Milton Friedman:

The feature of capitalism that has benefited the Jews has, of course, been competition. Wherever there is a monopoly, whether it be private or governmental, there is room for the application of arbitrary criteria in the selection of the beneficiaries of the monopoly—whether these criteria be color of skin, religion, national origin or what not. Where there is free competition, only performance counts. The market is color blind. No one who goes to the market to buy bread knows or cares whether the wheat was grown by a Jew, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, or atheist; by Whites or blacks. Any miller who wishes to express his personal prejudices by buying only from preferred groups is at a competitive disadvantage, since he is keeping himself from buying from the cheapest source. He can express his prejudice, but he will have to do so at his own expense, accepting a lower monetary income than he could otherwise earn.

Sanderson further writes:

It may have occurred to the reader, however, that while Friedman, von Mises and Rand opposed the existence of monopolies that provided “room for the application of arbitrary criteria in the selection of the beneficiaries of the monopoly,” the reality is that Jews, even in the freest of markets, are notorious for developing and using ethnic monopolies in precisely this fashion. Indeed this is a major theme of (Kevin) MacDonald’s “A People That Shall Dwell Alone” where he observes that from “the standpoint of the group, it was always more important to maximize the resource flow from the non-Jewish community to the Jewish community, rather than to allow individual Jews to maximize their interests at the expense of the Jewish community.”

The massive extent of Jewish nepotism in their business dealings is so exhaustively documented (very frequently by Jews themselves) as to be beyond dispute. Such is the rarity of instances where Jews use other Jews in a purely instrumental manner that they are cause for great shock and trauma  within the Jewish community (witness the Madoff affair). Given this, it seems to me that while, as Friedman, von Mises and Rand assert, the free market may work efficiently to hinder ethnocentric discrimination among Whites (a group that MacDonald characterizes as, owing to their evolutionary history, strongly predisposed to individualism), the hyper-ethnocentrism of the Jews (and the Chinese) predispose them to transcend this “rational” discipline imposed by the free market.

It is clear from the domination of Jews in the media, the banking system, and the government, that the European based people cannot compete with them because the Jews (Ashkenazi) have a higher mean IQ and higher ethnocentricity. A free-market society that has both a highly ethnocentric and a highly intelligent minority will eventually be taken over by those people. I would say a purely free market may work in the long term if society was completely composed of members predisposed towards individualism. But even if a society was composed of nothing but individualists what is to stop some of them from forming a group with a goal of controlling society? The traits of cohesiveness, high intelligence, and feelings of superiority could slowly evolve with the practice of eugenics.

“You say that Marxism is the very antithesis of capitalism, which is equally sacred to us [The Money Power] It is precisely for this reason that they are direct opposites to one another, that they put into our hands the two poles of this planet and allow us to be its axis. These two contraries, like  Bolshevism and ourselves, find their identity in the International.”
– Otto Kahn, Investment Banker

Usury – For Good or Bad?


I’ve been pondering as to what benefit or detriment usury has caused in our society.

Arguments Against Usury:

“Legalized usury commits the human race to the unceasing pursuit of economic growth. Usury imposes an unstoppable expansion on the process of wealth creation; it sets in motion a driving force whose velocity increases exponentially along with compound interest, impelling us to transform all the world’s human and natural resources into the form of financial representation. As the people of Renaissance England clearly saw and often said, usury is inherently insatiable. The history of the human race since restraints on usury began to be lifted has involved the sudden and dramatic colonization of the globe by money, the evaluation of human activity and the natural environment in terms of money, and the direction of an ever-increasing proportion of physical and psychological energy toward the production of money.” – David Hawkes

Does usury and uncontrollable debt go hand in hand? It seems it does. Does usury and inflation go hand-in-hand? Again it seems it does. The problem with money, unlike tangible goods is that it can be easily counterfeited without the public ever finding out. Counterfeiting is something the government and banks do on a regular basis by printing money or creating loans out of thin air. The US economy over time has become one that was once based primarily on the production of tangible goods to that which produces mainly speculative financial goods. I believe even under a system in which money is issued 100 percent privately, there would be abuses although far less than in the current system. Perhaps the church since the early days foresaw the predicament we are currently in.

Michael Hoffman argues that usury and capitalism make society less human and more “robotic”. It places emphasis on numbers, profits, production, and materialism rather than love, compassion, family, and tradition. (Marx), too, admired ‘naked self-interest’ (in its time and place), and for much of the same reasons as Miss (Ayn) Rand: because, he believed, it cleared away the cobwebs of religion and led to prodigies of industrial and cognate accomplishment. (Hoffman, Usury in Christendom, 277)

Arguments for Usury:

My thinking is that if the church constantly finds themselves in a fight against usury, then there must be something inherently natural about it. Fighting usury is akin to the church’s fight against promiscuity or even their fight against sex in general. It goes against human nature. The Von Mises Austrian school of economics explains capitalistic activities, which includes usury, as being a natural part of human behavior to better themselves and better their status by mutually exchanging their property for someone else’s property. In a two way trade, both parties benefit because each has something the other wants. Murray Rothbard in Man, Economy, and State says that “All action is an attempt to exchange a less satisfactory state of affairs for a more satisfactory one.”

Austrian school economics recognize that time is scarce and finite. People have different time preferences. Like any other free-market activity, interest-rates are determined by supply and demand. Those with a high time preferences are more willing to pay more for something now (and borrow money to do it) while those with low time-preferences are willing to fore-go consumption in the present by saving money and/or lending it out now.

It could be argued that societies that discourage usury remain backward states, such as much of the world before the 16th century or the Islamic states today. The average standard of living, wealth, and health has risen exponentially since that time and much of that can be attributed to capitalism and usury.

– AG

Six Big Mistakes Inflationists Make

Gold advocates and free-market economists have been mainly on the wrong side of inflation for the past 35 years. Since that time, the US economy has yet to experience the stagflation, let alone hyperinflation, that has been expected to happen. To be sure, we have seen steady inflation but nowhere close to the high rates that has been forecasted. The policies of the US Fed has indeed been reckless, but that recklessness has yet to translate into monetary ruin. I’ve been pondering this for a little while and came up with six errors that inflationists make:

  1. Believing that the Fed prints money
  2. Believing that the Fed controls interest rates
  3. Believing that the Fed can stop deflation
  4. Thinking that the situation in the US is similar to Zimbabwe
  5. Believing rising gold prices are indicative of inflation
  6. Believing a falling dollar is indicate of inflation


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