Recommended Reading (Updated)

by Alex

The following are recommended reading for those wanting to figure out this New World Order. A lot of the following books have been banned by Amazon since the last time I updated the page.



The Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald

Among the most important books you’ll ever read. This book documents the cultural shifts in the US during the past century and the role that American Jewry played in it. If you want to know the reasons behind multiculturalism, mass immigration, and radical movements, this book will answer those questions. Kevin MacDonald is a retired professor of Psychology and has written a trilogy of books on the behavior and group psychology of the Jewish people. Culture of Critique is considered his landmark book. Though you can find a free PDF copy online, the version on Amazon is an updated version with more than a 100 extra pages.

Note: I do believe that MacDonald is controlled opposition based on his current support for ideas that clash with the material in his book. Nevertheless I still highly recommend the book as his insight into Jewish behavior is hard to find elsewhere.



A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy, with Diaspora Peoples by Kevin MacDonald

Another great book by Kevin MacDonald. He explains the evolution of the Jewish people since biblical times. This book is a must read for bible scholars as MacDonald explains how the Old Testament evolved to keep the Jew’s racially separate from their neighbors. It also highlights the development of high intelligence in Ashkenazi Jews and the gap between them and the Sephardic Jews.


Understanding Jewish Influence by Kevin MacDonald

Another highly important book. It is one of the only books that documents the Jews’ role behind the neoconservative movement and their push for the ongoing War on Terror. This book exposes the Jews’ influence on the right wing movement while the Culture of Critique exposes the Jewish role on the left wing movement.


The Hebrew Bible

The Hebrew Bible (also known as the Tanakh in Judaism and the Old Testament in Christianity) is among most important material in understanding the behavior of the Jews and the nature of the establishment. Unfortunately most people totally gloss over this valuable source of information and fail to see the connections between what’s in it and the events that are taking place today. The books of Genesis, Deuteronomy, Isaiah, Ezekiah, and Esther are especially important to read.


The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume I by the Nation of Islam

This book extensively documents the Jews’ role behind the transatlantic slave trade. Much of the documentation itself came from Jewish sources. The book adds insight to the motivation behind the founding of the Americas.


The Jews and Modern Capitalism by Werner Sombart

The book was written over a hundred years ago yet it is still pertinent today. This book along with volume I of the Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews offer much insight into the hyper-capitalism we see throughout the West and developing globally. Sombart documents Jewish behavior and how it relates to their penchant for making large amounts of money with whatever method it takes.


The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed

The author describes the origin of Zionism and Judaism in this thick book. He explains the biblical origins, the Talmud, the Protocols, the Revolutions, Zionism, Communism, and the World Wars. The main flaw I find with the book, is the author’s belief in the “Khazar theory” which states that the Russian Jews originated from Khazaria and are not Semitic people. However, DNA tests and historical records prove otherwise. I suspect the reference that Reed used (The 13th Tribe by Arthur Koestler) is tainted. In spite of that flaw, I find the rest of the material a must read.



The Global Sexual Revolution: Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom by Gabriele Kuby



The Mysterious Collapse of Word Trade Center 7 by David Ray Griffin



Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell

I read this book twice. The first time I read this book, it was a high school assignment. Back then, though I enjoyed the book I couldn’t quite understand the real meaning. A few years ago when I reread it, things became a lot more clear. Indeed much if not all of what Orwell written has come true.



Animal Farm by George Orwell

A short book also by Orwell. The story really hones in on mind control. In the beginning, a group of farm animals overthrows their master (the farmer) and think they’ve found freedom. However, a few of the sly animals slowly take over and the rest of the animals without knowing it, succumb to it’s rule.



How to be Invisible by JJ Luna

In the day of smartphones, social media, and cameras on every corner we live in an age of rampant identity theft and privacy infringement. JJ Luna for over 50 years, has been helping clients to fly under the radar. In his book, he describes tips for hiding your residential address, purchasing automobiles and real estate anonymously, and the wise use of technology. You can find Luna’s free PDF copy of the first edition of the book if you search Google.


Completed Books

Separation and It’s Discontents by Kevin MacDonald


Finished in September 2016

The Curse of Canaan by Eustace Mullins


Finished in November 2016

Gypsies: The Hidden Americans by Anne Sutherland


Finished in January 2017

White Power by George Lincoln Rockwell

Finished in January 2018

The Jewish Onslaught by Tony Martin

Finished in March 2018

Jews Must Live (abridged) by Samuel Roth

Finished in August 2019


My Future Reads:

Debating the Holocaust by Thomas Dalton



Under the Sign of the Scorpion by Juri Lina

On Genetic Interests: Family, Ethnicity, and Humanity in an Age of Mass Migration by Frank Salter


Across Atlantic Ice: The Origin of America’s Clovis Culture by Dennis Stanford


Dysgenics: Genetic Deterioration in Modern Populations by Frank Salter



Updated: 3/25/20

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  1. ZX7F

     /  August 24, 2018

    Many thanks for your vlog. Please do not abandon it. There are some people watching you (I don’t mean reptilians:-).

    I have read most of the books listed above. I think that Orwell should be accompanied by Huxley (Brave New World). In one interview (11th minute, Huxley said that his prediction seemed to be more likely than Orwell’s „management by fear”. Huxley said that people would love their slavery. I believe Huxley was right.
    Have you seen this German movie ( STASI needed involvement of ~17% of the population to map and control the society. Now people report what they „think”, they register at Faceberg and report day-to-day activities. No spies or violence needed, they love Faceberg! „Idiocracy” in action. Modern life is a mixture of „1984” and „the Brave New Wold”.

    I wonder your comments on these lectures:
    Dr. Deep State was recommended by Apollonian Germ. I am at #73, the Lunartic Science of Salvation and I find these lectures very informative.
    Cilivilization had been created and has always been governed by a hidden oligarchy controlling money creation and usury. They control international trade, intelligence, military-industrial complex, mass-media (including Faceberg and Google), culture and education. They created all imperia of the Western world, Babylon and Egypt, Greece and Rome, Constantinople and Venice, Amsterdam, London and New York. This is the Deep State.

    The Deep State is a global over-state managed by a special „race”. The US administration is below in the hierarchy of power, even the Zionist entity is subordinated to the Deep State, ZE is probably an element of Deep State. Deep State controls world financial system, mass-media, UN, and other aspects mentioned above.

    Have you heard of Soviet/Russian General Konstantin Pavlovich Petrov? He was a member of Soviet elite (deputy director of Cosmodrome Baikonur). After the fall of the Soviet Union he organized a group of social scientists working on a new political philosophy. They had developed the Concept of Public Security (Концепция Общественной Безопасности, КОБ). The idea was to disclose the hidden knowledge controlled by the Deep State to the Russian people, to transform Russians from brainless and manipulated surfs into wise citizens. The term used by Petrov for the Deep State was „global hidden power” (мировая закулиса). He was explaining that official governments (including the Soviet one) were below „the global hidden power” in the hierarchy of power, he was disclosing instruments used by „the global hidden power” in their rule.

    I see extracts from his lectures in English:

    Original version was far longer:
    Condensed hidden knowledge. Pls look at a number of views of any lecure. VideoBelarus is not the only YouTube channel with Petrov lectures, he is still a famous figure in the Russian world (passed away in 2009, cancer, assassination?).

    Dr. Deep State presents holistic picture of „human husbandry” (he uses this term) which is the fundamental of our civilizations. We experience next stage of this husbandry, this is what is happening now.


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