My Awakening

Over the past year I’ve started to piece together the puzzle to a vast Jewish conspiracy that is invisible to most but has become more obvious the more I looked into it. There is still a lot that I don’t know. Now whenever someone discusses Jews in less than a positive light, they are almost immediately labeled an anti-Semite, neo-Nazi, or a racist hate-monger. I began to discover that these people were not quite the poor innocent victims that has been portrayed.

I was born to Asian immigrant parents. I was born and grew up in the US. Though I normally did not feel like an outsider growing up, I never really felt part of any group. I was quite introverted. Many things in life that people cherished I could not understand. I did watch a lot of TV during my early childhood years (probably 4-5 hours per day), but that waned after about the age of ten. By the time I was in high school the only thing I watched was the occasional sports programming. I did not get away from TV because I thought it was harmful, but because I was simply bored with it. I did not completely eliminate it from my routine. I just wasn’t as obsessed about it as most people.

I turned libertarian in 2003. I became a big fan of the Ludwig Von Mises School of economics. I came across their website by accident. This was a time when the Iraq War was getting under way and I was deeply disturbed by what was going on. Born to immigrant parents I did not have much in the way of nationalistic feelings or the “support the troops” mentality like so many others. I did not have any family members in the military. How I came across Von Mises was when I was doing a Google search for anti-war articles. I accidentally stumbled on the Institute while doing this search. I thought their articles against the war were well written and something I could take seriously. Naturally I started reading their economic articles as well. I was hooked. I also read Harry Browne’s book “Why Government Does Not Work.” In a matter of weeks I was converted from mild Democratic leanings to being almost fully libertarian. After studying libertarianism for a few months, I thought I knew everything I needed to know. Just get rid of government and everything will be fine I thought. I languished for years never really developing. Until 2012, I didn’t buy into any conspiracies. I used to think that those who questioned the official stories of 9/11 or JFK were lunatics seeking to get attention.

Like many others, it was 9/11 that got me started into conspiracies. I was late to the game but better late than never. Of course I had never actually read or listened to any of the debunker’s arguments. I thought I had a logical mind and logic told me not to listen to those who make outlandish claims that our very own government could be complicit in something as big and sinister as this. Back in 2012, I was watching Judge Andrew Napolitano do a speech at the Mises Institute on YouTube. A member of the audience asked Napolitano of his opinions on 9/11. When he suggested that he could not see how the Patriot Act could have been written in such a short time, that got me thinking. It was the first time I started to take the debunker’s arguments seriously. When you have a big-time personality such as Napolitano suggesting foul play, you tend to take it pay more attention. Shortly I read David Ray Griffin’s The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7.

Jewish Conspiracies

After looking into 9/11 and concluding that the official story was a lie, I started to look at other conspiracies. I turned to the Holocaust. For the first time, I listened to the revisionist’s side of the argument and concluded that the official story, like 9/11, just didn’t add up. Up until that point I believed, like most everyone else, the Holocaust and the Hitler was the “greatest evil that ever existed” story. Just three years before that, in 2009, I had visited Auschwitz and walked away at the end with disgust and a sense of relief that the state of Israel was created for those poor Jews. Just like many I thought Jews were the most unjustifiably persecuted people on earth. I was as gullible as anybody else.

Until 2010 I also knew next to nothing about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, let alone any Jewish conspiracies. I barely knew where Israel was on the map. I just never cared about looking into those things. I was not a “news hound” and rarely kept up with current events except for sports. The only time I would watch the news was if something major had happened such as 9/11 or a financial market crash.

Among the reasons it took me time to figure out this conspiracy was because there were a number of good Jews I knew personally. Some were even my real-life friends. Also, my trip to Israel back in 2013 did not give me negative impressions of them. I thought their attitudes towards Palestinians were simply the way they were raised. Perhaps if the Jews were presented the truth of what was actually going on, they would change their opinion. Most Jews I met in real life I felt were friendly and genuine. And you never hear anything critical about them in the media.

Between 2012 and 2015 I learned of the dominance of Jews in the media, the media’s knee-jerk reaction to anything critical of the Jews, the holes in the Holocaust story, the satanic passages in the Talmud, and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians (I actually visited the West Bank in 2013). But I still had doubts. There seemed to be more disinformation in the alternative media than in the mainstream media. I was regularly keeping up with the likes of Alex Jones, David Icke, Karen Hudes, Webster Tarpley, and well you get my point. In other words I was tuning in to everyone except the ones actually exposing the conspiracy. I was not even listening to David Duke. I now realized the amount of garbage you have to go through on your way in getting to the truth.

The Issue of Race

My first introduction to racial realities was Larry Elder’s Ten Things You Can’t Say in America. I happened to read that book the same year I discovered libertarianism back in 2003. Elder is considered an “uncle tom” among blacks. Much of the book delves into black underachievement and their permanent victimization status. Though it was an interesting book, I did not touch the subject again until about a dozen years later. I was still living in the “matrix” during this time and like most I did not know what was really going on. I did not grow up being very conscious of my race. Though I had been called slurs on occasion during my childhood I never thought those people were racist, just ignorant.

Back in 2013, I reflected back in what I was taught in high school history and began to realize that everything I was taught was anti-white. The four main history topics were Indian removal, slavery, the “Holocaust”, and the Civil Rights Movement. I didn’t know why the teachings were so anti-white. I thought it had something to do with uniting all Americans together for a common cause such as nationalism. But then again European leaders were also indoctrinating their people with anti-white propaganda. However patriotism, in contrast, is taboo there. Europeans are not supposed to be proud of their country or their roots. I remembered when I was in the UK I borrowed a book discussing the proud achievements of the Scottish people. I showed this book to a young British colleague and he was instantly revolted by it. This man by the way was far from a leftist and was a supporter of small government and low taxes.

I began to realize that some of the most taboo subject matters were often the most important ones to look into. And I realized that almost nobody, even the alternative media, would discuss it. When I really started to look into race, I began to realize how utterly bizarre this whole conspiracy was. I found out there were indeed biological differences among the races and race was not merely “skin deep” as I’ve been taught. I studied some of the works of Phillipe Rushton and Richard Fuerle. They primarily focused on the genetic differences between blacks and whites. Then I stumbled upon Kevin MacDonald and thus the final pieces of the puzzle. The whole taboo on race is actually a Jewish strategy. Once you recognize that Jews are indeed a distinct race with distinct traits that elevate them into positions of dominance and aggression, you realize that this conspiracy has real substance.


Discovering the truth should be a life-long journey. You got to look into things no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel. The dumbing down of schoolkids, the promotion of Islamaphobia, and the constant promotion of the US war machinery into every walk of life are deliberate. I began to realize that this was mostly to benefit one country and one group of people.

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