Six Big Mistakes Inflationists Make

Gold advocates and free-market economists have been mainly on the wrong side of inflation for the past 35 years. Since that time, the US economy has yet to experience the stagflation, let alone hyperinflation, that has been expected to happen. To be sure, we have seen steady inflation but nowhere close to the high rates that has been forecasted. The policies of the US Fed has indeed been reckless, but that recklessness has yet to translate into monetary ruin. I’ve been pondering this for a little while and came up with six errors that inflationists make:

  1. Believing that the Fed prints money
  2. Believing that the Fed controls interest rates
  3. Believing that the Fed can stop deflation
  4. Thinking that the situation in the US is similar to Zimbabwe
  5. Believing rising gold prices are indicative of inflation
  6. Believing a falling dollar is indicate of inflation


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