Introducing David Cole-Stein, a Jewish Holocaust Revisionist

by Alex Gore

Holocaust and WWII revisionists are derided as being Neo-Nazis, hatemongers, and anti-Semites. I started looking into holocaust revisionism about three years ago. At that time I was just starting to research conspiracies. Before then, I believed the official Holocaust story just like most everyone else. I even visited Auschwitz back in 2009 and came away angry and emotional. I guess today, I’m still angry, but for a different reason. Much of the story of the Holocaust just does not add up. Listen to at least the first few minutes of the interview below between David Cole and Ryan Dawson. David Cole, the so-called Holocaust “denier”, is far from the hateful image that we have of revisionists. Revisionists do not claim that no Jews died or that there were not horrible conditions in the camps. They all agree that Jews did die during WWII. How much is anyone’s guess but they mainly agree that it’s far less than the six million number. What revisionists argue is there are numerous contradictions in the official story. Those defending the Holocaust story have not been able to argue with the revisionists. They have instead resorted to smear campaigns and even violence to anybody who questions it.


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