Shills and Disinfo Agents

When it comes to staying informed and “on top of the news”, whom can you trust? Many know that the mainstream media cannot be trusted but few realize that much of the “alternative” media is unreliable as well. We truly live in the disinformation age. Staying informed means sifting through the sheer amounts of disinformation out there concerning foreign policies, wars, history, and the New World Order. The disinformation campaign is heavily funded and runs 24-7. For the average person, the more they try to stay informed, the more indoctrinated they become. From protocol number 2 of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion:

In the hands of the States of today there is a great force that creates the movement of thought in the people, and that is the Press. The part played by the Press is to keep pointing out requirements supposed to be indispensable, to give voice to the complaints of the people, to express and to create discontent. It is in the Press that the triumph of freedom of speech finds its incarnation. But the GOYIM States have not known how to make use of this force; and it has fallen into our hands.


Gatekeepers (or shills) share some or all of these characteristics:

  • Has a large audience
  • Does not name those at the top OR …
  • … suggests Muslims, Nazis, the Pope, the Chinese, reptiles, globalists, Illuminati, or UFOs as the global elite. Of course names everyone except the Jews.
  • Is charismatic and smooth talking
  • Has a professional presentation and state of the art studio for broadcasting their message
  • Willing to do interviews with other shills
  • Blames the government for every massacre, mishap, or misfortune instead of looking into those whom are actually pulling the strings
  • Plays the silly left-right paradigm
  • Promotes a high degree of Islamophobia
  • Lack of consistency and flip-flops on issues. For instance calling 9/11 an insider job and then later backtracking and saying they were wrong all along
  • Contradiction in beliefs. For instance, see Rense below
  • Repeated use of the term “Nazi”
  • Are in an entertainment mood, while the actual reality is quite ugly and depressing.
  • Is a Jew, is married to a Jew, or has cozy relationships with Jews
  • Promotes the Khazar theory

The reluctance of shills to mention the obvious Jewish dominance and influence in media, banking, and government policies should be a giveaway that these folks are not working in your best interests. In addition, shills almost never mention the Israel Lobby or the high proportion of those in upper ranks of government that have dual US-Israeli citizenship and have promoted the “War on Terror”. The left-wing media names whites as the source of all our problems, while the right-wing media suggest it is the Muslims. However, neither mentions Jews. The reluctance of media personalities to discuss the J question stems from three reasons:

  1. Fear of harassment or loss of their job
  2. Are paid to deliberately mislead you
  3. Have no knowledge of any sort of J conspiracy

It was not that long ago that I kept up with Infowars, David Icke, and others on a regular basis, that is until I started to figure things out and found out that they were not all that they were cracked up to be. Gatekeepers either are paid shills on purposely trying to mislead you or if not paid shills they have been threatened not to expose the ones at the top. It does not really matter if 80, 90 or even 100 percent of what these people say is true, what separates the men from the boys is what they DO NOT discuss. If you find yourself “addicted” to any one personality you may need to do a reality check because at this point you are not thinking critically. It pays to do a little research on some of these experts. Who do they work for? Who are they paid by?

There are simply too many shills to cover. I’ll describe just a few examples below:

Alex Jones

AJ is the 800 pound gorilla of alternative media. He has a huge following. At one time Infowars was one of my favorite channels. From what I heard, AJ has become more and more neoconservative. He mainly supports the official story of 9/11 and only questions certain aspects of it. Alex Jones believes it is the “globalists” who rules the world. Of course he does not define who constitutes the globalists. It’s left open for broad interpretation.

You probably have heard “if you can’t control the opposition, you must lead it yourself.” This is exactly the role Alex Jones plays. Infowars has anywhere from 20-34 Jewish sponsors. At the very least any discussion of the problems of Zionism and Israel would cause his sponsors to defect even if he wanted to discuss it. AJ’s ex-wife is Jewish.

David Icke

Sort of like the British version of Alex Jones. Icke has a huge following as well. He touts that it is the “reptilians” who rule the world. Unlike Jones, he will discuss the problems of Zionism and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. My guess is that Icke has to talk about these things because the Brits are far more aware of what’s going on than the washed-up Americans are. Icke, however, still toes the official line of the Holocaust, WWII, and Hitler as being the greatest evil to walk on planet earth. Icke wants you to believe that it is only a few Zionists at the top that are causing problems and there is no Jewish conspiracy.

David Duke

I will eventually dedicate an entire article on shills who appear to be exposing the Jews. Have wondered for the longest time whether ex-Klan member David Duke was truly legit or a shill. Duke does seem very compassionate while at the same time exposing those who truly run the show. He has done a good job exposing Alex Jones and teams up with Kevin MacDonald. Other than his views on 9/11, I find myself agreeing with most of what he says. I’ve often overlooked the fact that he has a large following (he’s basically a household name, but not necessarily in a positive way) and the fact that he has had plastic surgery. But recently what really caused me to distrust Duke, was his incessant shilling for Donald Trump. He has made idiotic statements such Trump being the last hope against Zionism and the Jew World Order. In actuality Trump has been kissing ass to Jews and has received tens of million$ in donations from key Jewish supports. By Duke shilling for Trump he also shills his support (at least indirectly) for Israel and it’s Zionist policies, which Trump is fully committed. This pretty much confirms that Duke is controlled opposition.

Additionally, Duke (again a reminder that he had appeared in Halloween costumes) serves as a favorite punching bag for those who have reasons to attack Jewish “conspiracies” and makes genuine truthers look silly.

Supposedly a “Jew-wise” site. Like David Duke, had been a very heavy promoter of Donald Trump leading up to the elections.

Donald Trump

Perhaps the biggest dupe in American history. Had a number of white nationalists and alt-righters in full support of this Zionist shill – such as David Duke. Funny that the whites whom are most concerned about the possible extinction of their race would support someone who is fully committed to a group of people whom have been the most responsible for white genocide. Trump’s cabinet is completely kosher. Some have suggested that Trump has some Jewish blood. Sheldon Adelson was by far Trump’s biggest campaign donor. This Jewish man wants to nuke Iran off the planet.

G Edward Griffin

He seemed pretty genuine. His greatest claim to fame was The Creature From Jekyll Island, which some say was plagiarized from Eustace Mullins’s Secrets of the Federal Reserve.

Griffin admits that much of what’s happening in the world today are straight from Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. He however claims that “it’s not just the Jews”. Ed Griffin is a pure gatekeeper. Though Griffin discusses the Rothschilds extensively in Jekyll Island, he never points out the fact that they were Jewish. Griffin was a former member of the John Birch society.

Lew Rockwell

One of the biggest names behind the libertarian movement, Lew Rockwell exposes big government and all the problems they’ve been creating. However, like most, he never discusses the hand that feeds the system. The libertarian movement, which I had long been a fan of, is controlled. Rockwell is a gatekeeper.

Stefan Molyneux

Another goofy libertarian. Molyneux’s mother is Jewish. In the past he’s actually exposed Jewish behavior and the fact that the Bolshevik Revolution was Jewish, but he’s backtracked on that. Molyneux also had exposed the official story on 9/11, but in that incidence too he’s backtracked.

Karen Hudes

Zionist Jew. She formerly worked for the World Bank and now wants to “expose” them. She is interviewed a lot by doom and gloom pundits. Hudes spreads the Jesuit theory nonsense whenever she gets a chance.

Eustace Mullins

Eustace Mullins is considered the father of all conspiracy researchers. Unfortunately I have determined him to be a gate keeper like so many who supposedly expose the Jewish question. The Curse of Canaan is one big disinfo job. Mullins claims that the Jews descended predominately from the Canaanites which is flat out wrong. The Jews primarily came from the tribe of Judah.

Michael Hoffman

Just the title of one of his books should tell you something: Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit. The title says the Talmud has little to do with biblical Judaism which is FALSE. It tells you the Talmud is racist and condones self-worship and deceit for the Jewish people which while true is also endorsed in the TORAH. The Torah IS the foundation of Judaism. Michael Hoffman is a Jew.

Brother Nathanial Kapner

Another Jew turned Christian conman. There is no such thing as an ex-Jew – once a Jew always a Jew. While Brother Nathan appears to tell you all you need to know about the Jews, he doesn’t touch the Old Testament with a ten foot pole.

Robert Prechter

You may know I cited his work in The Coming Meltdown. Now while I believe he provides okay financial advice, his use of technical analysis (Elliott Wave Theory) to explain not just market moves, but the entire geopolitical history of war and conflicts is disinformation. According to Mike Stathis, Prechter is Jewish, so that may explain why Prechter chooses not to look into an establishment (let alone a Jewish establishment) and instead redirects your attention to the “ebbs and flows” of mass human herding behavior which Elliott Wave is based on.

Other Gatekeepers (not meant to be an exhaustive list): Max Keiser, Greg Marinaro, Jesse Ventura, Glenn Beck, James Corbett, Alan Watt (not to be confused with Alan Watts), RT Network, The Young Turks, Finance & Liberty, Adam Kokesh, The Mises Institute, Jim Marrs (not to be confused with Texe Marrs), Webster Tarpley, Mark Dice, Ralph Epperson, and Veterans Today.

I must mention that there are high amounts of disinformation even among those who do appear to expose Jewish conspiracies. Some of these folks even go as far as naming other shills as being controlled opposition when they themselves are controlled. Some signs of disinformation are those who mix truth with crap theories such as chemtrails, flat earth, and UFOs. The purpose this serves is to make fools out of those who look into Jewish conspiracies. Many (but not all) have heavily promoted Islamaphobia. And most have touted Donald Trump as the next best thing since sliced bread.


Jeff Rense and his comrades are full of contradictions. In the past, they exposed the Jewish dominance of the media, banking system, and politics. They now have gone full Islamaphobic. They now claim Muslims all along have been “colonizing” America. So Rense, which is it?

Eric Dubay

Is the most prominent shill for the nonsense flat-earth theory.



Gate openers do not care about fame or fortune but to expose those at the top. Gate openers have often been harassed and their works are never carried by major publishing houses or major websites. They are never given airtime on MSM. Unfortunately, gate openers are few and far between.

Charles Giuliani

A hard hitting man who pulls no punches. He tells it the way it is and won’t hide anything. Goes deep into Jewish conspiracies and can be over-the-top. Giuliani is a great debater and puts his opponents to shame. Giuliani’s specialty is the bible as he has a background in theology. Listen to his exposure of the evil Talmud:

David Cole-Stein

Holocaust revisionist. What makes him unique is that he is a Jew. Cole started making waves in the 1990s exposing the lies of the Holocaust, until was beaten up and silenced. Cole then changed his name to Stein and began to live the life of a “Republican party animal”, toeing the mainstream line on Israel and other issues. Then embarrassingly it was discovered that he was the Holocaust “denier”. Cole lost all his money and went back to living a normal life.

Kevin MacDonald

This is in reference to Kevin MacDonald the author (versus the modern version of Kevin MacDonald who shies away from discussing the Jews in his Tweets). Anyway I credit the author for being the most responsible in helping me see the light. MacDonald is a retired professor of psychology and discusses the behavior of Jewish people from a genetic and psychological viewpoint. His landmark book is Culture of Critique. In this book MacDonald discusses the role of Jews in the dramatic changes in the fields of social science, the Jewish involvement with left-wing and radical movements, and their role in mass immigration and the civil rights movements. In short he describes Judaism as as group evolutionary theory. The text is backed with extensive documentations.

Now I don’t know what happened to him since writing those books. His endorsement of Donald Trump, although not as high-fiving as David Duke’s, makes me wonder about MacDonald. This is totally contradictory to what MacDonald has written in Understanding Jewish Influences, where he has extensively documented the Israeli connection to the War on Terror and points out the Jewish men behind this war such as Wolfowitz, Perle, and Chertoff. I receive MacDonald’s tweets and it’s hard to believe the person who tweets is the same one who has written those four books documenting Jewish ethnocentricity and gentile subversion. I suspect he has been tainted.

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Bjerknes became Jew-wise after presenting his findings some years ago that Albert Einstein was a plagiarizer and the reaction he received from the Jewish community. This reaction made him question whether this was typical Jewish behavior. His blog is almost entirely dedicated to exposing Judaism and writes extensively about it. He pulls no punches and isn’t shy about “sticking it”. However there is a lot that makes me scratch my head and wonder where he gets some of his info from. Bjerknes can also go a bit overboard and names a whole slew of folks who he suggests as working for Zionist interests such as Daryl Bradford Smith, John Delaney, Ron Paul,  and the late Murray Rothbard. Had mildly supported Trump in the beginning, but then found out he was a total shill. Bjerknes is very concerned about mass third world immigration into the West and calls it white genocide.


Renegade Tribune

Renegade is composed of a team of bloggers whom posts articles on what I consider real history and real news. One of the few white nationalist sites that does not promote Islamophobia (at least not to the extent of other nationalist sites) and have exposed the atrocities that the US-led West has committed in the Middle East. Also they have been critical of Donald Trump, unlike the vast majority of alt-right organizations.

William Pierce

Derided as a neo-Nazi white supremacist, Dr. Pierce often comes across as harsh and not so eloquent, but he is not in the business to entertain. He is heavy into historic revisionism particularly concerning WWII.

Mike Stathis

Stathis is the only investment advisor and financial analyst I know that names Jews at the top. I probably learned more from him about how the media works than anybody else. Stathis has actual Wall Street experience, so he knows how the game is played and he knows it’s rigged. A hard hitting guy. I applaud his boldness and courage in stating his opinions no matter how politically incorrect they are. Stathis exposes the doomsday people as being a bunch of douchebags who’s self-promotion is making them rich off of selling dubious financial products. A couple issues with him: One, he appears to have scant knowledge of real free market economics and two, while he calls out others for their self-promotion, he himself engages in the same practice. Stathis brags about his track record in just about every youtube video. He may be arrogant, but at least he’s bringing out some good info from a unique perspective.

Jim How (or Return of Pmtmr)

A humble man who has done hundreds of Youtube videos out of the comforts of his home. He has been censored many times and often had to switch Youtube channels because they keep getting shut down. He was deep in exposing the Jews and he hit it on the head that they were by far the number one threat to the human race. Though I was not big on Jim when it came to Eustace Mullins, UFOs, and Chemtrails, at least he was sincere in his efforts.

Update: Unfortunately Jewtube (i.e. youtube) finally had enough of this man and gave him the axe. Both the Jim How and Return of Pmtmr accounts have been terminated. However his other channel, George Jettison, is still up – for now. Better make copies. 

Other Possible Gate Openers: Though I don’t follow Scott Roberts , they appear to be genuine.


Be skeptical of everything and don’t hesitate to dump someone when things simply don’t add up. Nothing here is written in stone. I’m flexible and willing to change my mind if new information comes up. I ask you to do the same.

Revised – 5/29/17, 9/19/17, 3/20/18


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